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‘My 600-lb Life’ Part 2: Cast Members Who Have Died

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My 600-lb Life had some of the most heartbreaking stories. Multiple stars have passed away during and after their journey with Dr. Now. There are also those who were able to lose weight and achieve their goals, but health complications took their lives. Here’s part two of the people who died in the reality show.

Destinee LaShaee

Matthew Ventress, also known as Destinee LaShaee, is the most recent star in My 600-lb Life to pass away. The first transgender star in the show appeared in Season 7 and weighed nearly 700 pounds. She used food as her source of happiness as she battled depression. The former TLC star was able to lose more than 500 pounds with the help of Dr. Now. But in 2022, her brother, Wayne Compton, announced her death on Facebook. The mourning brother also hinted that mental struggles played a significant role in his sibling’s death.

My 600lb Life Destinee LaShaee YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Gina Krasley

Gina weighed over 600 lbs when she appeared in Season 8. The former My 600-lb Life star struggled at a young age after she was neglected by her parents. She comforted herself by eating, which resulted in her weight gain. However, she and her wife, Beth, made a serious effort and sought Dr. Now’s help. The New Jersey native took to Instagram in March 2021 to show off her weight loss. According to her, she was able to shed 170 lbs from her healthy lifestyle. Sadly, Krasley died in August 2021. The cause of her death was revealed. But some of her YouTube videos show that she’s been dealing with cellulitis.

Gina Krasley YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Renee Biran

The sixth season of My 600-lb Life introduced Renee. She was 631 pounds. But with her dedication, she was able to drop 250 lbs. The former TLC star gained weight due to her sideline of being a fetish model, where people pay to watch her eat. Things were going great on her weight loss journey. But she was later diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Biran passed away in 2021. Her cause of death wasn’t mentioned. However, many believe that it has something to do with the said syndrome due to its life-threatening complications such as cardiac arrest, blood clots, blood infections, and paralysis.

My 600lb Life Renee Biran YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Coliesa McMillian

Coliesa had one of the most heartbreaking stories on the show. The My 600-lb Life alum appeared in Season 8. She was 643 pounds at the age of 41. She also went through a lot of stress after her fiance died in a car crash. As a result, the Louisiana native used eating as a way to deal with her emotions. She lost around 150 pounds with the help of Dr. Now. However, she was left on life support due to severe complications from one of her surgeries. The former TLC star died in a hospital in September 2020.

Coliesa McMillian YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

Larry Myers Jr.

Larry is a gospel musician from Houston, Texas. He appeared in the 10th season of My 600-lb Life and was one of the heaviest stars in the show at 940 pounds. He also had a YouTube channel where he documented his weight loss journey. Myers was able to shed 118 pounds. Unfortunately, he passed away in January 2022 from a heart attack.

Larry Myers Jr YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

James King

James had a memorable season in My 600-lb Life. He debuted in the fifth season weighting 791. He had a difficult life living with only his father, who also struggled to support their family. Due to frustration, King began to overeat. His storyline was also notable after getting dismissed from the show for not cooperating with Dr. Now, which resulted in his weight gain.

James King YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

James King reappeared in the show at 840 lbs. He also had multiple health issues and had to set up a fundraiser to help fund his medicines. He dropped 340 pounds during his second appearance. However, the complications in his health took his life in April 2020.

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