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‘Counting On’: Jackson Duggar Passionate Actor, See Pics

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Counting On alums Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been quiet on social media since Josh’s CSAM arrest. It also appears the books and documentaries released against them were big factors in their disappearance. However, some of the Duggar kids still follow their old traditions in front of many people. Recently, Jackson was spotted in a church play.

Counting On: Jackson & Johannah Duggar’s Big Milestone

Jim Bob and Michelle went back to their official website earlier in May to share an update about Jackson and Johannah. According to the Duggar parents, their son and daughter both graduated from high school. They referred to their kids as a “dynamic duo” and had the goal of finishing homeschool together. There haven’t been a lot of updates about the siblings since. But they often participate in recent Duggar family get-togethers. The 19-year-old son also caught the attention of some Counting On fans after performing in a church play this month.

Johannah Jackson Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Jackson Spotted In Church Play

Photos of Jackson in a church play were recently uploaded on Reddit. Counting On fans shared their thoughts, and some of them are happy about what the Duggar kid has been up to. The photos show Jim Bob’s 15th child being passionate about acting as he fights his co-actor with a wooden sword and even lies on the floor after seemingly dying. Church plays have been an old Duggar tradition. Back when they were still on the reality show, the supersized family participated in such activities, especially on Christmas Eve.

Jackson Duggar Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Counting On: Jackson Duggar Courting Soon?

Most of the Duggar kids on social media barely talk about Jackson. He hasn’t created his own account as well, which is believed to be the first step for a Duggar adult before making a courtship announcement. His recent participation in a church play may also indicate that he’s focusing more on his faith and relationship with the IBLP.

Counting On Jim Bob Michelle Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been coming up with family trips to ease the negativity surrounding them. At one point, they brought the kids to Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming. The mother-of-19 was also spotted in Israel earlier this year with some of her children. They’ve been paying Jinger Vuolo a visit more often in Los Angeles as well.

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