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‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar & Kids Staying With Different In-Laws?

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Counting On alum Anna Duggar has been making a lot of fans curious due to her online absence. She deleted her Instagram account and hasn’t been active on other platforms since the CSAM arrest of her husband, Josh Duggar. There are times when fans spot her at Duggar gatherings. However, recent reports claimed that the 35-year-old mother had an argument with Jim Bob, forcing her to step away from the compound. There are also photos of her kids circulating online, suggesting that they have moved in with a different in-law.

Counting On: Anna Duggar’s Alleged Argument With Jim Bob

According to an insider close to the Duggar family, Anna had a disagreement with Jim Bob. The claimant also added that it’s one of the main reasons why she left and has been struggling with no support from her in-laws. It’s reported that the Duggars have been helping Josh’s wife and her kids. Though she allegedly had disputes with some of them, especially those who are against her husband, and supported the sentence given to him. Jim Bob has yet to address his alleged feud with his daughter-in-law. But some Counting On fans are hoping that things are well between them.

Counting On Anna Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

Anna & Kids Moved To Texas?

According to reports, Anna and her kids may have moved into Texas with a different in-law. It’s none other than Justin Duggar’s mother-in-law, Hilary Spivey, who’s known for welcoming members of the Duggar family into her house. Recently, the 45-year-old mother shared a photo with some of her kids and grandkids playing bowling. But what caught the attention of some Counting On fans was Josh’s oldest child, Mackynzie.

Hilary Spivey Mackynzie Duggar Instagram
Photo Credit: @hilaryspivey Instagram

Hilary herself confirmed that it was indeed the former TLC star’s daughter. It’s unclear why she was with the Spiveys. But her appearance caused speculations that she’s been in Texas with some of her siblings. There are also theories that Anna’s inability to support her kids forced her to send some of them to her other relatives.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Planning To Leave Josh?

Anna has yet to share her plans since her husband’s conviction. There are reports that she’s trying her best to stay faithful and continues to believe that he’s innocent. However, an insider claimed that she’s now having thoughts of filing a divorce with the Duggar convict. Additionally, the source revealed that Josh is not happy about her recent activities in Texas as some people outside the Duggar family may convince her into leaving him.

Josh Anna Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @duggarfam Instagram

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