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‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think Kody Brown Went Off-Script, Shows True Colors

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Kody Brown has raised a lot of eyebrows over the past few seasons of Sister Wives. Many were upset about how he treated his wives, especially Christine Brown, which ultimately led to her departure. Janelle Brown and Meri Brown also ended up leaving after Season 17. Yet, it seems that Kody has been behaving negatively before things fell apart last season. Apparently, fans discovered an old clip from one of their episodes showing Kody seemingly going off-script and being rude to Christine and the kids.

Sister Wives: Fans Think Kody Brown Went Off-Script & Showed True Colors

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts in an old episode featuring the Brown family’s bonding time. Apparently, Christine came up with a family game and keep the positive energy going around the house. According to Christine, she came up with a game where everyone should make noise, ask questions, and cause chaos. Everybody was open to Christine’s fun idea. However, later in the clip, Kody Brown laughed at Christine’s idea and told her it was a “dumb idea.”

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Christine appears to be upset but doesn’t want to show it to the cameras. Due to this, she shaded Kody and told him, “Name one idea lately that’s been a good idea that I’ve had.” The two laughed it off but it’s clear that there’s already tension going on between them. Meanwhile, some fans think Kody went off-script even more after Christine revealed that Mykelti Brown and Gwendlyn Brown will be hosting their family game day. “You picked our 2 naughtiest children to host this?” Kody told Christine.

Kody Still Not On Good Terms With Many Of His Kids

At this point, Sister Wives star Kody Brown has yet to share major updates regarding his relationships with his kids. However, Gwendlyn Brown and Paedon Brown have been sharing their father online due to his unfair relationship with Robyn Brown, which clearly indicates that Kody has yet to make it up to them. There are also speculations that Kody still hasn’t met his new grandkids with Mykelti Padron and Madison Brush.

Sister Wives Kody Kids Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Do Something For His Kids In Rumored New Season?

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown previously claimed that Season 18 will happen and it may air in September this year. He also revealed that it will focus more on Janelle Brown. Due to this, fans are curious if Kody Brown will ever have a scene trying to spend time with his kids. Apparently, Kody has broken the heart of his children years ago after failing to fix the plural family. He even made it worse by not visiting them during the pandemic and asking some of them to apologize to Robyn Brown after questioning her social distancing decisions.

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Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

TLC has yet to confirm if Season 18 is definitely happening. Yet, fans believe the network wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity to bring them back, especially now that their popularity is only getting bigger. Would you like one more season of the show or are you ready for them to spread their wings? Let us know in the comments.

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