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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Sets Out To Visit Christine, Shares Fun Trip

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown loves to share updates with the fan. Most of the time, Janelle shares news about her healthy lifestyle. She was also praised after sharing a non-filtered photo of herself during one of her workout sessions. According to some, Janelle is progressing well due to her dedication. She even paired up with Christine Brown to promote the same diet program, strengthening their relationship even further. Now, Janelle is back to share another update for the fans. This time, Janelle is sharing her exciting road trip as she sets out to visit Christine.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Sets Out To Visit Christine Brown, Shares Fun Trip

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a clip of herself enjoying the beautiful view of the blooming flowers around Phoenix, Arizona. According to Janelle, she’s driving back to Phoenix to catch a direct flight to Salt Lake City after her flight out of Flagstaff was canceled. Janelle also revealed that she will be spending several days with Christine Brown and some of her kids in Utah. Janelle also revealed her plans to drive back to the flowers around Phoenix once she gets back.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

Where Will Janelle & Christine Go?

At this point, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has yet to share her plans with Christine Brown once they meet. However, some fans assume that Christine and Janelle will set out for some adventures with the kids. Some fans think that they’re going to do camping and hiking. Meanwhile, others speculate that Janelle might be planning to film with Christine in Utah for the rumored Season 18. Paedon Brown has also claimed that Season 18 will happen and it’s going to focus more on Janelle, making a lot of fans curious.

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Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Brown Reconsider Going Back?

Sister Wives fans also think that Kody Brown may try to win back some of his wives in the possible Season 18. According to some, there’s still a slight chance that Kody will try to redeem himself by bringing the plural family back. However, some fans believe that Janelle had enough of Kody, especially after what happened between them in Season 17.

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Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

Fans also believe that Christine Brown will never go back to Kody anymore, especially now that she’s in a relationship with a man named, David Woolley. They’ve been sharing pictures of them and Christine claimed that he’s been so nice towards her kids. Fans are so happy she finally has the love that she deserves. Do you hope to see her happiness play out on the show? Let us know in the comments.

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