Wendy’s & TikTok Crashes DoorDash: Is The App Down?

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Videos went viral on TikTok yesterday after users with DoorDash subscriptions revealed a limited-time Wendy’s promo code. Only available for one hour (between 6 and 7 p.m.), the promo code allowed subscribers to get $30 off of their order if they included a Biggie bag with their order. Many TikTok subscribers shared videos with their receipts and the hauls they got from the limited-time promo.

Now, many of these videos revealed that the promo code would also be available for one hour the following day (March 31). Again, the promo code was promised to be available between 6 and 7 p.m.

Per these viral videos, BIGGIE was the code DoorDash subscribers were told to apply to their purchases. The code was believed to be available only with deliveries. And, a Biggie Bag had to be added to the order for the code to work.

Naturally, anyone with a DoorDash account that saw these videos set an alarm clock on their phone. This way they could jump on DoorDash at 6 p.m. and get an order in quickly to avoid the rush of people who also saw these videos.

DoorDash crashes because of TikTok and Wendy’s

Now, it turns out the videos going viral on TikTok reached a lot of very hungry individuals as DoorDash crashed at exactly 6 p.m. when hungry subscribers rushed to order Wendy’s using the limited promo. Unfortunately, those that headed over to DoorDash to place an order for the past 15 minutes have been unable to load the app. They are met with connection errors or messages that the server isn’t working.

Naturally, customers raced to various social media platforms (such as Twitter) in waves to alert DoorDash to the issue.

On Twitter, DoorDash subscribers were pretty quick to call out all the “fat*sses” that crashed the app because they were trying to get free food from Wendy’s.

UPDATE: As of 6:25 p.m. EST, DoorDash appears to be working. Though, it is still having some issues with slow loading. Unfortunately, the BIGGIE code does NOT appear to be working. Some TikTok users are reporting the code only works if local Wendy’s have actual Biggie Bags as part of their menu on the app. Unfortunately, in many locations, Wendy’s has taken the biggie bags off of their menus for DoorDash.

UPDATE: Twitter users are reporting the BIGGIE code no longer appears to be working.

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