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‘Counting On’: Hannah Impresses Fans In Latest Duggar-Like Project

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Counting On fans love how Hannah Duggar shares wholesome updates on social media. Most of the time, Hannah shares her sweet bonding time with Jeremiah Duggar and their daughter, Brynley. Some fans are curious about what they’ve been up to since the arrival of Brynley. But it’s clear that they’re now living happily. Hannah even took to social media recently to share what may be her most Duggar-like project.

Counting On: Hannah Duggar Impresses Fans In Latest Duggar-Like Project

In a social media post, Hannah Duggar shared clips of herself showing off her latest project. According to Hannah, she’s now trying to grow a garden as well as indoor plants, which is a popular hobby of the Duggars. Hannah also shared an adorable glimpse of her daughter, Brynley, as she work on the plants. Meanwhile, Counting On fans think Hannah was inspired by the Duggar family’s popular hobby.

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Hannah & Jeremiah No Longer Living In An RV?

Counting On fans also noticed that Hannah Duggar doesn’t seem to be in an RV in her latest clip. According to some, it clearly indicates that Hannah and Jeremiah Duggar have finally moved into a real house. Fans are also glad that they’re now living under a roof. Apparently, living in an RV would be difficult, especially for their newborn daughter. It’s unclear where the two currently reside. However, fans assume that they’re still living near the Duggar family in Arkansas.

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Counting On: The Duggar Family’s Love For Plants

Counting On fans have seen the Duggar family’s love for plants. One of them is Jessa Duggar, who owns a handful of indoor plants. She usually shares clips about how she keeps her indoor plants healthy as well. Jill Duggar was also inspired by her sister to grow indoor plants. But she also leveled it up and began to grow bigger plants in her yard. Now, fans are excited for Hannah as she began to follow in Jill and Jessa’s footsteps.

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Hannah has yet to share major updates about Jeremiah Duggar. But it seems that Jeremiah has been living his best life taking care of his newborn daughter. He even shared an adorable picture of his wife and daughter earlier this year, showing how happy they are with their growing family. Are you happy to see them thriving? Let us know in the comments.

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