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‘Counting On’: Hannah Duggar Shares Rare Glimpse Of Baby Girl

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Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar has been silent on social media since the arrival of his first child, Brynley Noelle Duggar. The reason behind his absence is unclear. But the same thing goes for his wife, Hannah Duggar. It’s possible that the two are busy taking care of their newborn daughter. Yet, some fans think there’s another reason for their absence. Recently, Hannah finally returned with a heartwarming photo of her baby girl.

Counting On: Hannah Duggar Shares Rare Glimpse Of Baby Girl

In a social media post, Hannah Duggar shared an adorable picture of her baby girl, Brynley Noelle Duggar. “I love my view,” Hannah said. It’s been quite some time since Counting On fans last saw Brynley. Due to this, fans are glad that Hannah decided to share a glimpse of her daughter. Fans are also curious about the sudden absence of Hanna and Jeremiah Duggar online.

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But it seems that the two are just busy taking care of their newborn. Meanwhile, some fans are curious about what Jeremiah has been up to lately. According to some, it’s possible that he’s been doing a lot of housing projects recently, which may explain his online absence. Others also believe that the two just want to live a private life after all the controversies of the Duggar family.

Jeremiah & Hannah Living In A Camper For Good?

Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar also revealed that he and his family are currently living in a camper van. It’s unclear if they will be living in a camper for good. But fans are worried for their baby girl, Brynley. According to some, compares are extremely hot in the morning and the temperatures change rapidly depending on the weather. Fans are hoping that Jeremiah will soon bring his family to a real house. But fans think it may take time, especially with all the renovations that Jeremiah did in the camper.

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Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Lacks Support On Jeremiah?

Counting On fans are also curious as to how Jeremiah Duggar ended up living in a camper with his wife, Hannah Duggar. Apparently, Jim Bob Duggar usually gives property to his children who just got married. One example is when he gave Justin Duggar a house for 1$ when he married Claire Spivey. According to some, there’s a possibility that Jim Bob ran out of properties to give. But some doubt it and suggested that Jim Bob is no longer doing the tradition due to the big rift in the family.

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Jeremiah has yet to share what Jim Bob gave him when he married Hannah. However, it’s clear that he currently doesn’t have any properties at this point. What do you think of their baby girl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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