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‘Sister Wives’: How Will Gwen React To Kody Forgetting Gabe’s Birthday?

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Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown has been one of the most active daughters of Kody Brown today. She’s been coming up with YouTube videos over the past few months where she reacts to each episode of Season 17. Most of the time, Gwendlyn contradicts Kody’s statements and exposes his wrongdoings. Fans are also curious about how will Gwendlyn react to an episode where Kody forgot about Gabriel Brown’s birthday.

Sister Wives: How Will Gwendlyn Brown React To Kody Brown Forgetting Gabriel’s Birthday?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Gwendlyn Brown’s possible reaction to an episode where Kody Brown forgot about Gabriel Brown’s birthday. The episode featured Gabriel crying in front of the cameras as he expressed his frustration about Kody forgetting his birthday. Some viewers also consider it one of the most heartbreaking scenes throughout the season.

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“I feel like this scene will be very difficult for Gwen to see. I’m sure she’s aware of what happened but to see Gabe weeping won’t be easy,” one person said. “If you can’t remember your children’s birthdays then you shouldn’t have had that many children,” another person added. Gwendlyn and Gabriel are also a few days apart from their birthdays. Due to this, fans think Gwendlyn is not going to be happy learning about Kody’s lack of knowledge about his kids.

Gabriel No Longer Talks To Kody

Sister Wives star Gabriel Brown has also revealed that his phone call where Kody Brown forgot about his birthday was the last time they ever talked. It’s clear to see that Gabriel was badly affected by Kody’s lack of love. Fans are also calling out Kody for not treating his kids equally. He’s been raising a lot of eyebrows as well due to his habit of calling the kids, “Christine’s kids” and “Janelle’s kids.”

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Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Quits Controversial Patreon?

Sister Wives fans also noticed that Gwendlyn Brown hasn’t been in touch with her Patreon. Apparently, Gwendlyn made headlines after launching a project on Patreon where she answers popular questions from fans for a small fee. The reason behind her sudden absence is unclear. But there are speculations that she was told to stop her controversial content. It also appears that Gwendlyn is making a lot more on her YouTube channel.

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Gwendlyn has also revealed her plans on moving to Spain for her Spanish degree. Fans are also curious if Gwendlyn and her fiance, Beatriz Queiroz, will tie the knot before she flies to Europe. Are you excited to see Gwendlyn’s next chapter? More so, do you want to see her wedding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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