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’90 Day Fiance’: Miona Bell Shares Big Success Of Business

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90 Day Fiance stars Miona Bell and Jibri Bell have been one of the most successful TLC couples today. They have become an inspiration to many due to their dedication to becoming successful in their lives. Miona and Jibri also impressed the fans are purchasing a sportscar as their wedding anniversary gift to each other last year. Now, it appears that things are only getting better between the two. Miona even took to social media to share how successful her business has become.

90 Day Fiance: Miona Bell Shares Big Success Of Business

In a social media post90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell shared a clip of herself carefully placing the orders she recently received. Apparently, Miona’s ponytail and other hair products have been successful lately. Miona also revealed that she’s putting up discount coupons for Valentine’s day. Meanwhile, fans are impressed by Miona’s successful dedication. However, some think there’s one thing missing from Miona and Jibri’s lives and that is having a child. At this point, the couple has yet to share their plans for starting a family. But it seems that they’re focusing more on saving up and growing their businesses first.

90 Day Fiance Miona Bell Instagram
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Miona & Jibri Aiming To Be Food Vloggers?

90 Day Fiance stars Miona Bell and Jibri Bell have been focusing on reviewing foods lately. They have already shared several videos online reviewing fast foods and traditional recipes. This also created speculations that the two may be focusing more on becoming food vloggers. Fans have also shown support for the two due to their positivity and wholesomeness when reviewing foods. Others also suggest that they should take their project to TLC as a spinoff and gain more audience.

Miona Jibri Instagram
Photo Credit: @mionabell Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Jibri Bell’s Rapping Career

At this point, Jibri Bell has yet to share updates about his rapping career. It seems that he’s been busy with his side hustles lately as well as supporting Miona Bell’s business. Jibri has also made a good impression when it comes to hustling. At one point, Jibri sold his ripped pants for $28K. It also created speculation that the purchase was faked. Unfortunately, the topic was never given attention since.

Miona Bell Jibiri Bell Instagram
Photo Credit: @mionabell Instagram

It’s clear to see that Miona and Jibri’s lives are only getting better since sharing them on the reality show. Fans also think TLC will continue to give them projects in the future due to their growing popularity. Would you like to see more of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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