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‘Sister Wives’: Should Christine Be An Advocate Against Polygamy?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been receiving a lot of support from fans since her split with Kody Brown. It was clear that Christine finally had enough of Kody’s mistreatment and decided to move back to Utah. Since then, Christine has been sharing her new and happy life. It also appears that Christine no longer wants to talk about the future of the plural family anymore, especially after revealing that she’s planning to date again. However, fans are hoping Christine will try to spread awareness of what polygamy really is.

Sister Wives: Should Christine Brown Be An Advocate Against Polygamy?

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on why Christine Brown should be an advocate against polygamy. According to some, Christine is in the perfect position to be an advocate against it after all the suffering she went through with Kody Brown. However, she was able to prove Kody wrong and is now living her best life. Fans also think what Christine has done throughout the years is inspirational.

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“Help women get out of polygamy and never enter into it, to begin with. Christine advocated FOR polygamy and I think she should now apologize and advocate AGAINST it,” one person said. Some fans also think Christine could easily share her experience by writing a book.

Fans Think Christine Still Loves The Plural Family

Sister Wives fans have seen Christine Brown’s sincere love for the plural family throughout the years. Unfortunately, Kody Brown wasn’t able to see her efforts. It also resulted in a long-time feud between the two, which ultimately led to their split. However, Christine has been proving that she cares about the other families, especially Janelle Brown and her kids. They even paired up to promote a diet drink and share their weight loss journey.

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Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s 2023 Is Expected To Be Big

Christine Brown is already looking forward to a big year. Aside from announcing her plans to date again, Mykelti Padron also revealed that her mother is also planning to bring them to Britain this summer. The reason behind their trip is unclear. But there are speculations that it may get filmed as part of a possible spinoff. Christine also revealed that she will be paying a visit to Flagstaff soon. Yet, she made it clear that she will only see her friends.

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It’s clear to see that Christine is now living her best life after things fell apart in the plural family. Fans are also glad that Janelle and Meri are now doing the same thing after calling it quits with Kody. Are you happy to see them thriving on their own terms? Let us know in the comments below.

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