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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Slammed For Not Taking Own Advice In Latest Cameo

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has made a lot of fans upset after his failure to keep his plural family together in Season 17. Three of his wives ended up leaving, and viewers are pointing fingers at him. According to some, Kody often argues with his wives instead of trying to fix things with them. The children were also affected by Kody’s feud with his wives. Now, Kody is making headlines once again after throwing advice to his client in Cameo, which he could’ve done way back then.

Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Kody Brown For Not Taking Own Advice In Latest Cameo

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on a clip circulating online showing Kody Brown giving marital advice to his client from Cameo. According to Kody, the key to a healthy marriage is kindness is understanding. He also pointed out that talking things out amid problems will always be a good idea. However, some fans think Kody himself should’ve taken his own advice. “Wow the audacity to say that after we all watched how he talked to the 3OG wives,” one person said. “I would have a hard time taking relationship advice from someone who abandoned one wife and had 2 walk away,” another person added.

Kody Brown Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Kody Appears To Be Happy

Sister Wives fans also noticed that Kody Brown seems joyful in his latest Cameo. It’s unclear if he was just acting, especially after Gwendlyn Brown revealed that he’s currently on an angry path. However, some believe that Kody is finally starting to adjust after three of his wives left. There are also photos of him and Robyn Brown in public places circulating online showing big smiles on their faces. Some of the photos were even taken before three of Kody’s wives left, showing that their unfair relationship has been happening for quite some time.

Kody Wives 2 Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Sister Wives: The Other Wives Continue To Live Happily After Leaving Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans are also glad that Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown are finally living their best lives after leaving Kody Brown. Meri recently revealed that she’s in Las Vegas. She even spent some time with some of Janelle’s sons. Meanwhile, Christine and Janelle have been focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. They’ve been sharing incredible clips from their workout sessions as well.

Kody Meri Janelle Christine Robyn Pic Instagram
Photo Credit: @christine_brownsw Instagram

Christine also made headlines after revealing that she’s finally ready to date again. Fans also think it would be a waste of an opportunity if TLC wouldn’t document Christine’s latest journey. Would you like to see her dating? Let us know in the comments.

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