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‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Talks About Parents, Polygamy & More

Sister Wives fans have been noticing the sudden activities of the Brown kids online since the plural family fell apart. Many of them are starting to use different platforms to express their thoughts on what has happened to the family. Some also took their popularity as an opportunity to make extra income such as Gwendlyn Brown and Mykleti Padron. They both launched their own Patreons where they answer all the questions from the fans for a small fee. Now, Aspyn Brown is making headlines after joining her sisters as she talks about her parents, polygamy, and more in her latest interview.

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Talks About Parents, Polygamy & More In Latest Interview

Sister Wives fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Aspyn Brown’s latest interview. One of the parts that caught the attention of many is when she talked about growing up in a plural family. According to Aspyn, she actually lived with Robyn Brown for a short time during college. Aspyn couldn’t recall much of her experience with Robyn, but she did enjoy living with her kids.

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Aspyn also revealed that she also lived for a year with Mykelti during college. However, they both struggled financially and had to work multiple jobs while going to school. Aside from that, Aspyn also shared why she didn’t live with Christine Brown during college. According to her, she struggled to lose independence and she actually didn’t have a bedroom in Christine’s home back then.

Aspyn Shares Deeper Dive Into Her Family

Sister Wives star Aspyn Brown also took the opportunity to share a deeper dive into her family. According to Aspyn, Mitchell Thompson left his job and home to move to Las Vegas so he could spend more time with her. Aspyn also revealed that Mitchell had to stay with Maddie and Caleb until he got settled. She also shared that they’re not a very religious couple and don’t plan to raise their kids in any religion. Mitchell also dislikes the idea of polygamy, and fans think it’s due to the recent struggles of Kody Brown with his wives.

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Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Left Social Media For Good?

Sister Wives fans also noticed that Aspyn Brown stepped away from social media. The reason behind her absence is unclear. But fans think she just wants to live a private life away from all the negativities. Fortunately, Mitchell Thompson is still active on social media and often posts pictures with Aspyn. Meanwhile, fans are hoping that Aspyn will finally find the healing she needs after the recent split of their parents.

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At this point, it seems that Christine Brown is just letting her kids speak up on different platforms online. However, there are reports that Kody Brown has been trying to warn some of them, especially those who paint him badly online. Do you want to keep hearing from the Brown children? Let us know in the comments below.

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