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‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Explodes On Meri & Robyn In Latest Interview

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Sister Wives star Paedon Brown has been one of the most controversial sons of Kody Brown and Christine Brown today. Paedon is no longer holding back when it comes to exposing Kody and Robyn Brown. He’s been trying to share all the dark secrets of the plural family. More so, it seems that he’s not worried about how it may affect his relationship with them in the future. Now, Paedon is making noise in the online world once again after exploding on Meri Brown and Robyn Brown during his latest interview.

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Explodes On Meri Brown & Robyn Brown

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown expressed his disappointment towards Meri Brown and Robyn Brown during his recent interview. According to Paedon, he would like Christine Brown and Janelle Brown to walk him down the aisle. However, he would like Meri Brown and Robyn Brown to stay in the very back row. Paedon also thinks Robyn wouldn’t want another wife anymore and would prefer living with Kody Brown like a monogamous couple. Aside from that, Paedon also shocked the fans after he called out Gwendlyn Brown. He revealed that Gwendlyn was asked to take down several contents on her Patreon by Christine and the family. But she wouldn’t do it due to her love for attention and money.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown Instagram
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Paedon Accuses Meri Of Being Abusive

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown also called out Meri Brown and accused her of being abusive in his latest interview. According to Paedon, Meri’s abuse went so far past verbal. Plus, Robyn Brown played a significant role to open Kody Brown’s eyes to what Meri has been doing to the children. Fans also think it’s one of the main reasons why Kody could no longer show any love and concern to Meri throughout the years. Paedon also expressed his disappointment toward Leon Brown. He claims that Leon loves attention and was jealous that he got more attention about his club bouncer job at Logan Brown’s wedding.

Christine Brown Kody Paedon Instagram
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Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Kids Dislike Meri Brown?

Aside from Paedon Brown, some of Christine Brown’s kids have also expressed their frustration toward Meri Brown. One of them is Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron, who recently shared a cryptic message for Meri. According to Mykelti, she hopes that Meri will find happiness and love in the future which will make her a nicer person. Mykelti also shared that she’s aware of Meri’s wrongdoings in the past. She also believes that her abusive behavior played a role in why her marriage with Kody Brown fell apart. Mykelti further revealed that Madison Brush agrees and Meri has no place in her children’s lives.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Kids Instagram
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It’s clear to see that there are a lot of things going on in the plural family behind the cameras. It also appears that some of the Brown kids are finally stepping up and talking about controversial topics that weren’t previously discussed. Are you happy that they are finally speaking out? Would you like to hear more? Let us know in the comments below.

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