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‘Counting On’: What’s Keeping The Duggars Strong Amid Controversies?

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Counting On fans have seen the insane number of controversies that the Duggar family has faced in recent years. Josh Duggar’s CSAM arrest also things much worse for the conservative family. It even resulted in some of the Duggars stepping away from the online world. Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have been lying low since Josh’s conviction as well. However, despite all the controversies, the big family remained strong behind the cameras. Fans are also curious about what’s keeping them together even after cutting ties with TLC.

Counting On: What’s Keeping The Duggars Strong Amid Controversies?

Counting On fans from Reddit discussed how the Duggars are staying strong after all the controversies they faced in recent years. According to some, they’re still at the same church and have been trying to strengthen their faith behind the cameras. Fans also think Jim Bob Duggar is still financially stable due to his real estate business. Some of the Duggar kids have also followed in their father’s career and most of them have been doing great lately. Some of the kids have been experimenting aside from their construction business as well. One of them is James Duggar, who’s trying to grow his YouTube channel with vlog content.

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Jim Bob & Michelle Still Preparing For A Big Gathering?

Counting On fans also think Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are still preparing for a big family gathering despite their online absence. According to some, the upcoming holidays will be crucial for Jim Bob and Michelle as they will help them bring back the positivity in their family. Apparently, fans think most of the Duggar kids have been stressed by all the negativities surrounding them. Due to this, many are hoping that the holidays will give the family a better start for 2023.

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Counting On: Fans Want Some Family Members To Return

Counting On fans are also hoping for some members of the Duggar family to return not just on social media, but also to the small screens. One of them is Jinger Duggar who’s been one of the most successful daughters of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. She’s been sharing her exciting life in Los Angeles with Jeremy Vuolo, and many wish they’d be given a chance to share it on TV. On the other hand, fans are hoping TLC to bring back Jill Duggar despite her estrangement from the family for years. This will also give Jill the opportunity to share her life after stepping away from her parents.

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At this point, TLC has yet to confirm if they will bring back the Duggar family on the small screens. But some fans doubt it due to the immoral sins Josh Duggar has done in the past.

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