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‘Counting On’ Fans Rally Around ‘Jinger Vuolo Movement’

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Counting On star Jinger Duggar has been one of the most popular daughters of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar today. Many are also impressed by the big changes in her life since moving to Los Angles with Jeremy Vuolo. She has also released a book telling why she’s no longer following some of her family’s beliefs. Jinger also made headlines after releasing a book where she talks about the harmful ideology in her youth. Now, Jinger is getting a lot of attention after giving fans free limited access to her latest book. She also surprised some of her readers after acknowledging a popular fan movement about her.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar Aware Of This Popular Fan Movement

Counting On fans from Reddit shared their thoughts on Jinger Duggar’s recent promotion where fans get to read a chapter in her latest book, Becoming Free Indeed, as long as they sign up on their official website. A lot of fans were able to sign up and get free early access to Jinger’s latest book. However, many are surprised by one of Jinger’s statements in the book. According to Jinger, she’s aware of the “Free Jinger” movement that has been happening for years, where fans call out Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, asking them to let go of Jinger and their fundamentalist lifestyle. But it seems that Jinger doesn’t like what the fans did and wants to keep her family’s religion.

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Jinger Continues To Show Love To Her Parents In Latest Book

Counting On star Jinger Duggar also opened up about her love for her parents in her latest book. Despite questioning the harmful ideology in her youth, Jinger made it clear that she will always be proud of her parents. She even gushed at them and shared how much poured their soul into raising children. Fans also think Jinger’s statements shut down the speculations that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are not happy about her book. Others also pointed out some errors in Jinger’s book. But some pointed out that it’s an early version and the physical copy may fix all the issues.

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Counting On: Will Jinger Duggar Continue To Pursue Writing Books?

Jinger Duggar’s upcoming book is already expected to become a big hit. Due to this, Counting On fans are curious if Jinger will continue to pursue a career as an author. At this point, Jinger has yet to share if she’s going to write another book after Becoming Free Indeed. Others are speculating that Jinger might tone it down a little bit and write a children’s book again. Meanwhile, some fans are hoping that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo will bring back their podcast.

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Jinger has achieved so many things this year. Aside from writing books, she has also gained tons of endorsements and was even able to make her own coffee blend with a popular coffee company.

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