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’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Think Tania Is Now Acting Like Her Ex Syngin

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90 Day Fiance star Tania Maduro has been keeping in touch with the fans lately. She has become more active in sharing her adventurous lifestyle. Tania also made headlines after she was spotted by a fan hustling behind the cameras. Apparently, Tania has been mocked by fans due to her work ethic. However, it seems that Tania is changing her ways lately. Some even think that she went too far as she now acts like her ex, Syngin Colchester, due to the massive changes in her lifestyle.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Think Tania Maduro Is Now Acting Like Her Ex Syngin

90 Day Fiance fans have been keeping their eyes close to Tania Maduro since her split with Syngin Colchester. Apparently, fans have been noticing the sudden changes in Tania’s behavior since her split with Syngin. According to some, Tania has been partying a lot lately. Some even mentioned that she goes to the extreme as she continues to share revealing pictures of herself online. It’s unclear what caused Tania to behave in such a way. But fans believe it has something to do with her split with Syngin and how he quickly found someone to replace her. At this point, Syngin has been living happily with his new girlfriend. Fans also think that the tables have turned as Syngin now behaves more maturely since finding a new lover.

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Tania Hustles Behind The Cameras

Despite all the issues90 Day Fiance fans are still praising Tania Maduro, especially after she was seen hustling behind the cameras. Recently, Tania was spotted at a wedding working as a catering server. According to some, it clearly shuts down the rumors regarding Tania’s work ethic. Apparently, Tania took to social media recently to share the criticisms she’s been receiving. One of which is about begging for support and money from her friends and fans.

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90 Day Fiance: How’s Tania Maduro’s Love Life?

Tania Maduro has been silent when it comes to her love life. Fans also doubt that things will work out between her and her new boyfriend in 90 Day: The Single Life. According to some, the two have been questioning each other, especially when it comes to their attachment to their exes. Apparently, Tania disliked the kiss mark tattoo of her boyfriend, which he confirmed to be from his ex. Meanwhile, Tania’s lover is also upset by how long it takes before Tania processes her divorce from Syngin Colchester.

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Photo Credit: @tania.maduro Instagram

It also appears that Tania has been focusing more on herself lately with her recent social media posts. She even shared a clip with her co-star Tiffany Franco as they went on a road trip to Atlanta. What do you think of Tania’s behavior? Let us know and watch The Single Life Mondays on TLC.

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