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‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Robyn Hit With HUGE Tax Bill After Christine’s Rumored Move

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Sister Wives fans have seen Kody Brown’s financial struggles throughout the years. According to reports, Kody has been missing his property taxes. It’s also believed that his financial struggles forced him to stop building on their Coyote Pass land. Now, things are getting more intense inside the plural family after reports claimed that Christine Brown moved back to Utah. It’s also reported that Kody and Robyn Brown have been showered with huge taxes and have been failing to pay most of them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Now Owes Huge Taxes

According to reports, Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown now owe $2,056.89 on their $890,000 Flagstaff home. Reports also claimed that Kody has been staying more often in the said home, which has been causing so much jealousy in the family.

Aside from that, the two also owe $5,283.76 in another one of their properties. There are also reports stating that the two only have until December 31 to pay the taxes.

At this point, Kody has yet to share if they’re really missing taxes. However, some of the wives have already stated over the past years that they’ve been struggling financially. Due to this, it’s highly possible that Kody has been missing his taxes, which may also be one of the main reasons why some of his wives are branching out.

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Christine Brown Left To Avoid Helping Kody and His Favorite Wife?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making headlines after reports claimed that she moved back to Utah. It’s also reported that Christine has successfully sold her Flagstaff home, which is also one of the main reasons why she moved back. Kody Brown doesn’t want Christine to leave and move back to their once-called home. However, reports claimed that Christine’s never-ending struggles with the plural family forced her to leave, and some think that it may be for good.

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Sister Wives: Fans Are Doubting That The Browns Will Start Building Next Season

Sister Wives fans are starting to doubt that there’s going to be some progress in the Coyote Pass land next season. Apparently, Kody Brown is still struggling financially, which will make it harder for him to try and build his massive housing project. Fans also think that some of the wives are stepping away from the plural family such as Christine Brown and Meri Brown. According to reports, Meri is focusing more on her B&B business in Utah. On the other hand, reports claimed that Christine left Flagstaff due to her decaying relationship with the family.

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It’s clear to see that a lot of things are happening inside the plural family lately. TLC also teased that Kody and his wives are still falling apart next season. Will Kody make up for his mistakes and get his family back on track?

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