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WWE Raw 6/14: Rating and Ranking Every Match

WWE Hell in the Cell less than a week away and the go-home show for WWE Raw is in the books. Alexa Bliss returns to the ring to take on her former friend Nia Jax. RKBro face The New Day, while Drew McIntyre battles AJ Styles in the main event.

Every match on WWE Raw will include a highlight moment from the match and how it ended, what the storyline progression is, and a final analysis. Each match will be given a star rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

8) Piper Niven d. Naomi
Highlight Moment: Eva Maria returns to WWE Raw and brings with her Piper Niven who was presented like one of the women on the Bobby Heenan Show from the late 1980s. Naomi had no chance as Niven his a senton and a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Storyline Progression: Eva Marie’s return has been teased for a month and she finally returned to WWE Raw.

Final Analysis: If only Bobby Heenan was alive to do commentary. Take a Pass. DUD.

Alexa’s return

7) Alexa Bliss d. Nia Jax
Highlight Moment: Nia Jax uses her power as Alexa Bliss finds ways to avoid her attacks with speed. Clunky match until Bliss hits Jax with a DDT. Twisted Bliss from the top by Alexa prompting Reginald to run into the make the save and the DQ. After the match, Bliss stares at Reginald appearing to hypnotize him.

Storyline Progression: This Alexa Bliss storyline might be coming to an end as live crowds are right around the corner.

Final Analysis: Not much to see here as the Alexa Bliss character is running out of steam, even for the most staunch defenders. Take a Pass. *

WWE Raw: Cross on a roll

6) Nikki Cross d. Charlotte Flair
Highlight Moment: As the bell rings, Rhea Ripley’s music hits allowing Nikki Cross to roll-up Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte is able to regain control despite Cross making several comebacks. Cross strikes Charlotte out of the corner followed by a kick to the face and a Tornado DDT. Charlotte retreats to the outside where she catchesd a flying Cross and hits a fallaway slam. Cross heads back into the ring as Charlotte has words with Ripley as the referee counts to 10 for the countout.

Storyline Progression: Charlotte and Rhea Ripley have been at odds with each other in recent weeks, with Nikki Cross stuck in the middle. Cross has been able to take advantage of the heat between the two women, eeking out several upset wins in the process.

Final Analysis: Not much to see here since this was more about the ongoing storyline with Charlotte and Ripley. Take a Pass. *1/2

Hardy’s revenge (part 1)

5) John Morrison d. Jeffy Hardy
Highlight Moment: Jeff Hardy gains the early control with a splash in the corner before Cedric Alexander’s music hits. After a brief flurry, Hardy is knocked back into the ring where Morrison hits the Starship Pain for the win. Following the match, Alexander mocks Hardy about giving up wrestling and going into retirement. Hardy challenges Alexander and puts his career on the line in the next match.

Final Analysis: Quick match that wasn’t given enough time to get going. Take a Pass. *1/2

Part 2

4) Jeff Hardy d. Cedric Alexander
Highlight Moment: The match starts quickly, with Hardy doing his best to get on the offensive. Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate but Alexander counters into a Michinoku Driver for a two-count. Cedric goes to the top for a Swanton Bomb but Hardy moves out of the way. Alexander goes for the Neutralizer but Hardy is able to counter into a Twist of Fate before a Swanton Bomb finishes it off.

Storyline Progression: The angle seems to be Jeff Hardy inching his way towards retirement while the younger athlete gets the rub by putting him out of his misery. Let’s just hope that this is more like the Flair retirement angle than the Kurt Angle angle.

Final Analysis: The match had some energy but once again it was just too short to make it worthwhile. Hopefully, they get a real opportunity to shine down the line. Skim It. **

WWE Raw: Women’s action

3) Rhea Ripley d. Asuka
Highlight Moment: Back and forth between both women all the way down to the stretch. Asuka attempts the Asuka Lock until Ripley connects with an elbow. Ripley goes for a back suplex until Asuka locks the head in an attempt for another Asuka Lock. Ripley counters into the Rip Tide for the win. After the match, Charlotte appears as she brawls with Ripley until they are pulled apart by officials.

Storyline Progression: In what has become a tiring trend, Rhea Ripley and Asuka do battle once again.

Final Analysis: Solid match but it’s become more of the same between these two who clearly need a break from one another. Skim It. **1/2

WWE Raw: Main Event (2 for 1)

2) Drew McIntyre d. AJ Styles (DQ)
Highlight Moment (Match 1): The Viking Raiders’ music hits early to even up the odds for McIntyre with Lashley on the entrance ramp. AJ was able to hold the advantage for most of the match before attempting the Styles Clash. McIntyre is able to counter with a backdrop to the outside of the ring. Drew McIntyre throws Styles into the ring before Lashley runs into the ring to cause the DQ. McIntyre fights him off, hitting a belly-to-belly suplex to the floor before a commercial break. After the break, a 6-man tag match was announced.

Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders d. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos

Highlight Moment (Match 2): Good back and forth battle that was highlighted by McIntyre getting the pin on Lashley following the Claymore boot.

Storyline Progression: With Drew McIntyre facing Bobby Lashey at WWE Hell in the Cell for the WWE Title on Sunday, he was put to the test on WWE Raw. McIntyre battled AJ Styles, who had Omos by his side. After Lashley’s interference, McIntyre was able to gain momentum heading into the PPV with a pin over the champion.

Final Analysis: Both matches were solid and felt like they flowed together well. Nothing too special on either side, so Skim It together as one offering. **3/4

Tag Team Action

1) RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle) d. The New Day
Highlight Moment: RKBro gain the advantage after both teams test each other out. Kofi’s hot tag leads to a springboard axe handle to Randy Orton before knocking Riddle off the apron to the floor. After the New Day get on the offensive, Riddle gets the tag and unloads on Kofi, getting a two-count after a Floating Bro. Orton and Riddle then deliver a double-team powerbomb onto Xavier Woods. Orton goes for an RKO but Woods is able to counter into a roll-up for a near fall. Woods goes for the Honor Roll but falls into the RKO for an RKBro victory.

Storyline Progression: RKBro and The New Day have been battling it out to see who can move up the ladder for a shot at the tag team titles.

Final Analysis: Really good match that was given more than enough time to develop, going over 20 minutes in the process. Worth a Watch. ***1/2

Robby Steven

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