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‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Supposed To Divorce Josh Years Ago?

Counting On star Anna Duggar has been silent since the arrest of her husband Josh Duggar. However, sources close to the family start to surface revealing some shocking information about them. Apparently, a source said that Anna and Josh should have ended their marriage years ago. It’s known that Josh shocked the world after his molestation scandal surfaced in 2015. He also made a lot of fans furious after admitting that he cheated on his wife. However, it appears that Josh tried to change himself to make up for Anna. Unfortunately, it appears that he went back to his wrongdoings which led to his arrest.

Counting On: A Source Says Anna & Josh Should Have Divorced Years Ago

According to a source close to the Duggars, Counting On star Anna Duggar should have divorced Josh Duggar years ago. “Anna should have divorced Josh after he admitted to cheating”, the source said. The source also recalls Josh’s confession of infidelity in 2015, which is the same year as his molestation scandal. According to the source, it’s obvious that Anna should have divorced Josh. However, the source claim that Anna was brainwashed. After that, the source claimed that they’re shock after learning about Anna’s seventh pregnancy. “I definitely don’t think she should continue to have kids with him”, the source said.

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An Insider Claims Anna Is Both Guilty & A Victim

Another insider surfaced and claimed that Counting On star Anna Duggar is in a very difficult situation. According to the insider close to the Duggars, Anna is both guilty and a victim of association with Josh. “You can have guilt by association and at the same time be a victim of association”, the insider said. “It will always now lean a little more towards being guilty by association”, the insider added. Apparently, reports claim that Anna knew what Josh has been doing all along. However, she remains silent about it to avoid further issues.

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Counting On: Josh Was Being Monitored All Along

Counting On star Josh Duggar shocked the world with his recent arrest. However, it’s reported that he’s being monitored all along. According to Agent Gerald Faulkner, they saw child pornography files on Josh’s computer. It’s also reported that there are more than 200 images on the computer. Faulkner explained it as “top five of the worst of the worst” that he had ever examined.

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Apparently, Faulkner revealed that they installed a program on Josh’s PC that sends reports to Anna about his activities. However, Faulkner said that Josh tried to counter it by installing a program that blocks the detection of downloaded images and videos.

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