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Paola Mayfield Receives Mixed Reactions On Wrestling Debut

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90 Day Fiance star, Paola Mayfield caught a lot of attention in her recent professional wrestling debut. Apparently, Paola was reportedly debuting in the Magic City Wrestling Federation. Now, Paola has finally stepped foot on the ring. However, not a lot of fans were impressed by her performance. Some even made fun of her wrestling moves. Apparently, Paola is known for being a Zumba instructor. Now, it appears that she’ll walk a different career path away from dancing and sharing healthy tips.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield’s Wrestling Debut Receives Mixed Reaction

90 Day Fiance star, Paola Mayfield raised some eyebrows in her recent wrestling debut. Some fans were able to record the match and shared it on social media. She entered the ring with a character name, Paola Blaze. She’s also wearing an orange-themed outfit that fits her “Blaze” name. Some fans are happy about Paola’s new career. Some even showed support by cheering for her during her debut. However, some fans can’t seem to stand her. Some of them even made fun of her performance.

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According to some fans, Paola’s entrance during her debut was very awkward. “Why is she acting like she’s modeling?! This is A horrible entrance!” a fan commented in the leaked footage of her match on social media. Meanwhile, fans criticized her performance inside the ring. According to some, she performed poorly and still needs a lot of practice.

The match ended with a disqualification just when Paola is about to tap out from a submission move.

Paola’s Career Choice Mocked By Fans

90 Day Fiance fans are making fun of Paola Mayfield’s new career. Some think that she wouldn’t last in a professional wrestling career and will seek out a new job in just a few months. Others also think that she’s not going to be a famous wrestler due to her poor performance. However, some fans defended her and said that she recently just started wrestling. Meanwhile, some critics said that Paola just wanted more attention.

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90 Day Fiance: The Singing Career Of Paola Mayfield

90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield shocked the fans with her new wrestling career. However, this wasn’t the first time she tried a different career path. Apparently, Paola also tried a music career. At one point, Paola and her husband Russ Mayfield revealed that she recorded her own music. However, fans haven’t heard anything from her singing career ever since. Some think that it didn’t end up well, which is why she took professional wrestling.

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