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Jovi Dufren Shares Wholesome Facts About Him & Yara In Latest Q&A

90 Day Fiance star Jovi Dufren recently did a Q&A segment on his social media account. He shared some wholesome facts about him and his wife, Yara Zaya. Jovi also shared his experience of being a father, as well as his future plans for his daughter. Meanwhile, fans praised the married couple for showing their cheerful side during their recent Cameo. Apparently, the two are known for their frequent arguments throughout their previous season. However, it appears that they’re very different behind the cameras.

90 Day Fiance: Jovi Dufren Shares Wholesome Facts About Him & Yara

In a social media post, 90 Day Fiance star Jovi Dufren answered a fan asking who was interested first between him and Yara Zaya. According to Jovi, he and Yara disliked each other in their first two days together. However, things got better as they get to know each other. After that, Jovi revealed that he knows Yara was the one when she made him change his life. Apparently, Jovi is known for his frequent partying. He also loves to drink alcohol. However, he’s been changing himself to prove that he’s worthy of being a husband to Yara, especially now that they have a child.

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Jovi Shares Life Of Being A Father

90 Day Fiance star Jovi Dufren recently went headlines after revealing the face of their daughter, Mylah Angelina Dufren, for the first time in public. Now, Jovi shared his experience of being a father during his recent Q&A. Apparently, a fan asked Jovi what’s been the most challenging and rewarding part of being a father. According to Jovi, sleeping is the hardest. He also said that Yara Zaya suffered the most when it comes to sleeping late. After that, Jovi shared that seeing his daughter smile every day is the most rewarding. Meanwhile, Jovi revealed his plans for his daughter in the future. According to him, he’s planning to bring his daughter during his travels.

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90 Day Fiance: Fans Praised Jovi & Yara For Showing Cheerful Behavior

90 Day Fiance fans praised Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya for showing their cheerful side on Cameo recently. Apparently, the client shared the couple’s Cameo on Reddit. After that, fans started talking about how great it is to see Jovi and Yara being very cheerful. During the Cameo, Jovi and Yara wished a fan a happy anniversary. After that, Jovi joked, “Hope you have as many anniversaries as we do if we don’t get divorced soon.” However, Yara did not hold back and shouted, “No!” while playfully hitting him on his chest. After that, the two laughed it off and ended the video with a big smile on their faces. After that, fans started sharing how happy they are for the couple. “I’m not a huge fan of Jovi, but I will admit that this is super cute”, one fan said. “Wow they’re so playful and real”, another fan added.

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