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Jessa Duggar Slammed Over Safety Hazard

Aubrey Meister

Are Jessa Duggar’s kids in danger? Fans are seriously concerned about Jessa’s latest YouTube video and think that her kids could get hurt.

Jessa Duggar shares DIY video

On YouTube, Jessa shared a new video featuring a DIY project she completed in her bedroom. In the video, she shows fans how she built a shelf to hang above her bed. While she loves the minimalist look she’s created in her home, she wanted to make one change. She explains, “The only thing I’d been wanting to add was a large shelf for plants and books and such, in order to bring a big more warmth to the space.”

After she built and hung the shelf above the bed, she placed plants and books on it. Jessa didn’t paint the wood, so it’s a nice natural wood color. On the opposite wall, there’s a photo of Ben and Jessa. There’s another plant on a bedside table. The decor is pretty simple and minimalist, which is what Jessa was going for.

Jessa Duggar YouTube
Jessa Duggar YouTube

Fans concerned about the family’s safety

In the comments section of Jessa’s post, fans are pointing out that the shelf may not be a safe place to display books and plants. They are concerned that the items on the shelf could fall on the family members’ heads while they are sleeping. Here’s what a few fans are saying:

  • “Hopefully they don’t fall off on your head 😫”
  • “What if those fall on you while sleeping? It looks nice, but you never know esp with potted plants.”
  • “Aren’t you afraid a plant may fall on you all?”
  • “What ya gonna do when the plants fall on you?”

Plenty of other fans expressed the same concerns. So far, Jessa hasn’t responded to those concerns.

Other fans worry that spiders might climb out of the plants and drop down into the bed. One fan writes, “Spider homes over my head while I sleep…nope. But it looks really nice!!”

Nonetheless, most fans are impressed with Jessa’s skills and think the shelf is a nice addition to her bedroom. She’s often doing projects around the house, and fans are always blown away by the things she builds. They love how handy she is.

So, what do you think of Jessa Duggar’s newest video? Do you worry about the kids’ safety with the shelf? Let us know in the comments below.

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