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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Slammed For ‘Mistreating’ Wives

The latest teaser for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives featured the polygamous family sharing opinions about quarantining. Apparently, Covid-19 has been one of the biggest problems of the family. It also forced Kody Brown to limit his visits to his wives to keep everyone safe. However, it appears that not everyone is on the same page. This made Kody very frustrated as he struggles to find ways on keeping his wives together. Now, fans are calling out Kody for seemingly “mistreating” his wives. During the teaser, he called Janelle Brown “lazy”, and some fans are not happy about it.

Sister Wives: The Wives Share Opinions In Quarantining

TLC released the latest teaser for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives. During the teaser, the plural family can be seen discussing their next steps amid their Covid-19 struggles. “I want everybody to feel like they’ve got a choice”, Kody said in the opening part of the teaser. After that, the wives started stating what they want to do during the pandemic. However, not all of them are on the same page, which made Kody very upset. According to Christine Brown, she will not be following the same rules that Robyn Brown is currently doing. She also said that she already made plans to go out despite the raging Covid-19. “I can’t go all summer doing this”, Janelle Brown added. It appears that Kody’s wives are not interested in staying at home for a long time. This made Kody disappointed and started complaining about his wives’ decision makings.

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Kody Brown Calls Janelle “Lazy”

During their discussion, Sister Wives star Robyn Brown expressed her discomfort at remaining solitary. However, Kody Brown seemed upset with Janelle’s disappointment. “Cause she doesn’t want to hear the facts. She doesn’t want to hear it”, Kody said. “Frankly, I think Janelle is lazy about an ounce of prevention”, he added. After that, Janelle said that her children would rather visit Christine Brown than hang out with their father and their other siblings. “They’re kind of to the point where they’re like we can’t keep away from the family”, Janelle said.

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Sister Wives: Fans Aren’t Happy About How Kody Treats His Wives

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seemed uninterested in their discussion about quarantining. This also made Kody Bronw frustrated as he can’t seem to get his wives together. “I think Janelle is full of s**t, and this is why she’s full of s**t. Because the kids aren’t seeing each other all the time anyway”, Kody said during his confessional. After that, Janelle clapped back by saying, “If he wants to throw the whole family under the bus that’s fine.” However, Kody Brown told her that he will insist on making his own choice that will keep his family stronger.

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A lot of fans got furious with Kody’s behavior during the latest teaser. “How are they all still married to this guy!”, one fan said in TLC’s social media post. “Each season Kody gets way more mean to his wives”, another fan added. Some fans also expressed how much they hate the way Kody treats his wives, especially Meri Brown, who’s been struggling with her relationship with Kody for years.

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