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NWA Powerrr 4/6: Rating and Ranking Every Match

NWA Powerrr returns to FITE TV and the ball is rolling in the National Wrestle Alliance. On last week’s show, Chris Adonis took advantage of an injured Trevor Murdoch to become the new National Champion. This week, The Pope defends his TV Title against Fred Rosser in the main event.

Every match on NWA Powerrr will include highlights, what the storyline progression is, and a final analysis. Each match will be given a star rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

3) Slice Boogie and Matthew Mims d. War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane)
Highlights: The War Kings gain an early advantage as Jax Dane connects on a belly-to-belly suplex to Matthew Mims. Slice Boogie gets the tag as he instantly finds himself on the receiving end of an attack from Crimson and Dane in the corner. Crimson gets a two-count after a second rope elbow. On the outside, Boogie pulls Dane off the top and is knocked out on the outside. Back inside, Crimson gives it his best effort but he falls short to the two-on-one advantage.

Storyline Progression: Crimson and Jax Dane are former NWA Tag Team Champions who were looking to get back on the winning track. Slice Boogie and Matthew Mims are newcomers with some recent success.

Final Analysis: Decent match that teased the break up of the War Kings. Skim It. **1/4

TV Title Main Event

2) The Pope d. Fred Rosser
Highlights: Time limit is set at 6:05 per NWA TV Title rules. Chain wrestling to start through the first minute as The Pope gets a hard uppercut to force Fred Rosser to the corner. The Pope heads up top but misses a cross body before Rosser hits a spear for a two-count. The Pope makes his comeback with a neckbreaker but then misses a charge into the corner as Rosser gets another near fall. Rosser connects with a falling double knee jawbreaker but The Pope heads to the outside to avoid a pin. Back in the ring, Rosser’s frustrations allow The Pope to regain the advantage and get the win with a double running knee into the corner.

Storyline Progression: TV Champion The Pope has been at odds with Tyrus since the relaunch of NWA Power. Fred Rosser, the former Darren Young in the WWE, attempted to get on the winning track since joining the NWA but was unsuccessful. After the match, Austin Idol and Tyrus come to ringside to mock The Pope and call for a title shot.

Final Analysis: Fun match but the 6:05 time limit is a bit restrictive. Even going to 10 minutes would open things up a bit. Skim It. **1/4

NWA Powerrr: Strickly Business

1) Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer d. The End (Odinson and Parrow)
Highlights: The End get the advantage early on over both Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer. Odinson picks his own partner up and delivers a death valley driver onto Latimer. The action spills to the outside as Adonis attacks from behind to get the upper hand. Latimer connects with a missile dropkick for a two-count. Parrow counters the Master Lock before a hot tag is made to Odinson who cleans house. All four men end up in the ring as The End go for a Doomsday Device before Kamille appears and causes a distraction. Master Lock by Adonis to Odinson which is enough to get the win.

Storyline Progression: After weeks of teasing, Chris Adonis is now a member of Strictly Business. After the match, Thunder Rosa appears at ringside to call Kamille out for her interference. During her interview, Taryn Terrell debuts to announce that she would face Rosa on NWA Powerrr, but claims she is currently injured. Melina then appears and once again hints at trying to get on the side of Rosa.

Final Analysis: Fun tag match that helps establish Adonis and Latimer as top wrestlers in the promotion. Hopefully, The End sticks around as they seem solid and look like an actual tag team. Skim It. **1/2

Robby Steven

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