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Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s Hope & Stead Customers Are Unhappy

Aubrey Meister

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo‘s latest business venture isn’t shaking out quite right. The couple launched an online store called Hope & Stead. Now, just months later, they are dealing with unhappy customers.

Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo open new store

In December 2020, Jinger and Jeremy revealed that they were working on a new project. The couple launched an online store that sells candles and hats. All of their products have the same theme of hope.

At the time, the couple wrote, “It’s our goal to promote the message and lifestyle of Hope through creating designs that point to our ultimate Hope — Christ. Our dream is that this becomes an online community that thrives, inspires, and grows together.”

Notably, this may not have been the best time for them to start a new business. Their second daughter, Evangeline Jo, was born in November. So, they were juggling raising a two-year-old and a newborn while living far away from their family in a pandemic.

When the couple first launched their new shop, fans were excited to support them. Now, it’s not looking so good for the Duggar couple. Customers aren’t happy, and the store is currently not shipping out orders for a few more days. 

Hope & Stead customers aren’t happy

In the comments sections of Hope & Stead’s Instagram posts, customers are commenting about just how unhappy they are with the shop. Since these are comments, there’s no verification that these social media users are truly customers. Still, the claims they are making should be addressed by Jinger and Jeremy or someone else associated with their company.


One user writes, “I felt safe buying from this company because I trusted the Vuolos. Big mistake! 20 days and still no dispatch notice. emails never answered. Took my money and never sent the products. Now a message on the website says nothing will be sent out for another month?!! Buyer beware!”

Another writes, ” bought an Olive Branch hat and was so disappointed in how it came. Shoved crooked into a box that wasn’t even taped professionally looking… literally my 5yo could have taped the box better. Then the hat was deformed and I had to try form it back to shape. DISAPPOINTING.”

Yet another shopper comments, “You owe me money for damaged candles I received. Please answer my emails.”

Though the business page has responded to a couple of comments, they haven’t publicly addressed most of them. So, it’s unclear what the future holds for the store.

So, what do you think of Jinger and Jeremy’s brand Hope & Stead? Do you think it will last much longer? Let us know in the comments below.

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