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IMPACT Wrestling 3/23: Rating and Ranking Every Match

IMPACT Wrestling is moving closer to their Rebellion PPV next month where IMPACT Champion Rich Swann battles AEW Champion Kenny Omega. On the show this week, Karl Anderson goes one on one with Eddie Edwards. Ace Austin defends his X-Divison Title against TJP, while Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo takes on Jazz in a non-title match.

Every match on IMPACT Wrestling will include highlights, what the storyline progression is, and a final analysis. Each match will be given a star rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

5) Deonna Purrazzo d. Jazz
Highlights: Chain wrestling to start as Jazz gets the early advantage before landing several punches to the head of Deonna Purrazzo. Jazz gets caught up in the ropes which allows Purrazzo to hit a jumping pump kick. Jazz is able to sidestep a charging Purrazzo who hits the post with her shoulder. Strike exchange between both women on their feet with Jazz hitting several closelines before connecting on a hook kick for a near fall. Susan hits Jazz with her show allowing Purrazzo to get the cheap victory.

Storyline Progression: Deonna Purrazzo continues her winning ways over a veteran like Jazz, even with a little help from Susan on IMPACT Wrestling.

Final Analysis: I appreciate the effort from Jazz but her singles matches often feel like slow motion. Maybe tag team or 6-person matches will fit her better at this point. Take a Pass. *

IMPACT Wrestling: Bahh’s downfall

4) Rohit Raju d. Fallah Bahh
Highlights: Headlock by Rohit Raju but it’s quickly reversed by Fallah Bahh into a belly-to-belly for a two count. Raju regains the upper hands after Bahh misses a crossbody. Bahh gets back on track after a powerslam but misses a Bonzi splash in the corner. Raju goes up top for a double stop but only gets a two-count. Bahh misses a sitdown splash and is rolled up into a crucifix for the win.

Storyline Progression: Earlier in the night, Rohit Raju found Fallah Bahh sleeping under a table after a night of gambling with Johnny Swinger. A match was made between the two for later in the night.

Final Analysis: Fun match but nothing too spectacular. Raju is a good talent and I’m surprised that Fallag Bahh isn’t given a more serious push. Skim It. **1/2

Contrast of styles

3) Trey Miguel d. Acey Romero
Highlights: Trey Miguel starts off with two dropkicks before getting caught in a slam by Acey Romero. The action heads to the outside where Miguel hits the big man with a suicide dive before the commercial. Back from the break and Romero is working over Miguel with a reverse chin lock before hitting a splash for a two-count. Trey springboards off the ropes but gets shoulder blocked by Romero. Miguel is able to get Romero down to his knees, hitting a low-angle cutter and a meteor for the win.

Storyline Progression: Trey Miguel clashed with XXXL earlier in the night leading to a match between Acey Romero. After the match, Larry D and Romero beat down Miguel before Sami Callihan arrives to make the save.

Final Analysis: Good match on IMPACT Wrestling with the contrast of styles working well. Skim It. **3/4

Main Event

2) Karl Anderson d. Eddie Edwards
Highlights: Headlock by Karl Anderson to start but not before Eddie Edwards reversed it to the mat. Strikes in the middle of the ring before Anderson heads to the outside and eats a suicide dive before the commercial. Back from the break and Edwards is working over Anderson with stiff chops. With Doc Gallows serving as a distraction, Edwards is knocked off the top rope to the floor. Inside the ring, Anderson continues to work over Edwards, getting a near fall after a lariat. Edwards catches Anderson up top and hits the backpack stunner for a two-count. Blue Thunder Bomb gets another near fall by Edwards. Edwards gets kicked intoo a chair held by Gallows as Anderson makes the cover for the win.

Storyline Progression: The Good Brothers have not been in good standing with Don Callis and Kenny Omega since losing the IMPACT Wrestling tag team titles. Eddie Ewards has been booked strong as of late so keeping his name in the main event is a smart move. After the match, FinJuice appears on the video wall from Japan to mock the Good Brothers.

Final Analysis: Solid main event from two good wrestlers on the IMPACT Wrestling roster. Eddie Edwards has become a leader of IMPACT with clout so he can take a loss and it won’t hurt him. Worth a Watch. ***

IMPACT Wrestling: X-Divison action

1) X-Divison Title Match: TJP d. Ace Austin 
Highlights: A chain wrestling sequence to start as TJP gets the better of Ace Austin. TJP hangs into the ropes and tricks Austin into a dive that he misses and lands to the floor. Both men head up top as TJP hits a facebuster as we head to a commercial. Back from the break and TJP continues his offense, getting a two-count after a stiff kick to a sitting Austin. Austin is able to reverse an Irish whip with a spinning kick into the corner followed by a springboard fameasser. Madman Fulton grabs TJP’s foot causing him to leap early into Austin’s knees. TJP hits the Destination and then a Frog Splash. Fulton runs in to give a chokeslam to TJP causing the DQ.

Storyline Progression: Austin Austin picked up the win and the championship last week over TJP. In the rematch, TJP had the title won but it seems that the feud will move forward due to interference from Madman Fulton.

Final Analysis: Solid contest but not on the level as their match from last week on IMPACT Wrestling. The screw job ending was fine since it protects TJP and gets heat back on Ace Austin. Worth a Watch. ***1/4

Robby Steven

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