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NWA Powerrr 3/23: Rating and Ranking Every Match

After sitting out for most of the last year due to COVID, the National Wrestling Alliance is back. This time the NWA is trading in their YouTube channel for a deal with FITE TV to broadcast their PPVs and weekly NWA Powerrr show. The return of the NWA kicked off on Wednesday with several quality matches.

Every match on WWE Fastlane 2021 will include highlights, what the storyline progression is, and a final analysis. Each match will be given a star rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

4) Kamille d. Alex Gracia
Highlights: Alex Gracia starts quickly with a dropkick. Gracia goes for a huricanranna but Kamille catches her with a powerbomb. Kamille works Gracis over with a chin lock and strikes to the chest. A Tortue Rack slam by Kamille puts Gracia back down. Kamille catches Gracia in the ropes and pounds away with stiff forearms to the chest. A drop suplex by Kamille is followed by two spears to get the win.

Storyline Progression: Prior to the match, Kamille, along with Nick Aldis and Tom Latermere, were interviewed. Kamille promised that she would soon become the new NWA World Champion. Alex Gracia was introduced as one of Thunder Roses’ talents.

Final Analysis: A perfectly acceptable destruction by Kamille. Exactly what it should have been. Skim It. SQUASH.

Parrow’s return

3) Mike Parrow d. Jordan Clearwater
Highlights: Mike Parrow quickly charges Jordan Clearwater into the corner. A slam and a back senton by Parrow gets a two-count. Clearwater attempts a comeback but is cut off by the much larger Mike Parrow who hits a big chokeslam. Clearwater is able to sidestep an avalanche splash and get a two count of his own off a neckbreaker. Parrow brushes off the rest of Clearwater’s offense and finishes him off with a Rikishi Driver.

Storyline Progression: Jordan Clearwater had a solid showing at the NWA Back to the Attack PPV. Mike Parrow returns to the NWA after last appearing on the 70th Anniversary show and appears ready for a push.

Final Analysis: Solid match that was a step above a squash to give Jordan Clearwater some shine. Mike Parrow has some power so it’ll interesting to see where they go from here. Skim It. **

NWA Powerrr: Number One Contenders Match

2) TV Title #1 Contenders Match: Fred Rosser d. Matt Cross & Marche Rockett
Highlights: All three men start off strong, with Marche Rockett using his power to overwhelm both men before putting Rosser down with a dropkick. Matt Cross connects with a handspring elbow on Rockett and following it up with a springboard cross body for a two count. Rosser avoids a big boot from Rockett and is able to capitalize onn both opponents. Cross hits a springboard cutter onto Rockett before getting caught up in the corner by Rosser. Cross knocks Rosser off the ropes but misses a shooting star press. Gut Check by Rosser is enough to get the win over Cross.

Storyline Progression: Fred Rosser is the former Darren Young from the WWE. Prior to the match, NWA TV Champion The Pope was interviewed about the number one contender’s match. Austin Idol and his new client Tyrus appear to challenge The Pope for his belt at a later date.

Final Analysis: That was a fast-paced and action-packed triple threat match. It wasn’t that long but there was no dead air at all. Worth the Watch. ***1/4

6-Man Tag Team Main Event

1) Strictly Business (Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis) d. The Pope, Aron Stevens & Kratos 
Highlights: Chris Adonis and Aron Stevens start things off with the former Masterpiece getting the best of the exchange early on. Stevens gets a comeback going, connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Latimer gets the tag in as Strictly Business keeps Stevens in their corner as they rotate tags.

Aron Stevens is able to connect on a DDT to Thom Latimer before making a hot tag to The Pope enters like a house of fire. Adonis hits a spinebuster on The Pope prompting Kratos to enter the ring to clean house. The action spills to the outside except for Nick Aldis applying a cloverleaf on Pope before getting it cut off by a Stevens’ superkick. Kratos attempts to hit Adonis with a chair but Stevens pulls it off him to allow Adonis to get the roll-up for the win.

Storyline Progression: The Pope is the NWA TV Champion, and Aron Steven & Kratos hold the NWA Tag Team Titles. Nick Aldis is the NWA World Champion, with Thom Latimer joining him as part of Strictly Business. Chris Adonis is the former Chris Masters of the WWE. During the match, Aron Stevens and Kratos argued, which boiled over at the conclusion.

Final Analysis: This felt like a 6-man tag team main event match that the NWA would have put on during the 1980s and that’s perfect. This wasn’t spectacular, but it hit the nostalgic beats as well as keeping it fresh. Worth the Watch. ***

Robby Steven

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