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Jim Bob Duggar Creeps Viewers Out In Resurfaced Video

Aubrey Meister

Jim Bob Duggar is a hot topic of discussion after an old video of him was rediscovered. Critics of the Duggar family are a little freaked out by it. To make it even creepier, the video was edited. See the video and what viewers have to say about it.

Jim Bob Duggar’s old video rediscovered

Over on Reddit, there’s a subreddit dedicated to Duggar snarks or critics. An original video of Jim Bob was shared first without any edits. It’s a clip from one of the family’s old shows, 19 Kids & Counting. In the clip, Jim Bob is talking about making pottery with his wife, Michelle Duggar. The clip also includes a short scene of the couple making pottery.

In the video, Jim Bob sits directly behind his wife and kisses her as she makes pottery on a wheel. A few of the couple’s kids, as well as someone who works at the pottery studio, are nearby.

In response, Reddit users are describing the video as “cringey” and “gross.”

If you thought JB & M were horny mini golfers, wait until you see them do pottery together! 😬 from DuggarsSnark

To make it even worse, part of the clip was then edited to point out Jim Bob’s “creepy” laugh at the beginning of the video.

The user who posted the video tells fellow Reddit users that they’ve “been warned.”

You have been warned. 💀 from DuggarsSnark

Counting On critics are freaked out 

In the comments section of the post, critics of the Duggar family are discussing just how creeped out they are after watching the video. Some mention that they watched the video right before bed, which freaked them out. One says that Jim Bob gives them “the creeps.” A couple of users are saying that Jim Bob is “punchable.”

One snarker commented after finding a way to relate to the video, writing, “Me trying to think of something useful when my boss asks me during the morning Zoom call what I’ve been working on since yesterday.”

On Reddit, not too many critics are fans of Jim Bob. They dislike the way he is rumored to treat his kids, from the strict rules he sets for them to possibly limiting the amount of money they receive from TLC, despite being on the show themselves. So, it’s no surprise that they don’t like this video.

So, are you creeped out by the recently resurfaced video of Jim Bob Duggar? Or do you think critics are overreacting about the video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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