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Why Might Jinger Vuolo Be Hiding Her Baby’s Face?

Aubrey Meister

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo now have two kids, a toddler named Felicity and a baby named Evangeline. The couple is busy keeping up with their little ones, especially since they live in Los Angeles, California, away from the rest of the family.

As Entertainment Chronicle previously reported, the family has been sharing very few pictures of their girls. It’s been months since the girls’ faces appeared on social media. Now, most of the couple’s photos are of themselves rather than their kids. In the past, Jinger and Jeremy both shared plenty of pictures of their daughter Felicity.

Recently, Jinger and Jeremy were featured in a short TLC clip to share how their family is adjusting to their newest addition. While Felicity and Evangeline do make the cut, fans are still wondering why they’ve disappeared from Jinger and Jeremy’s social media pages.

Are Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo hiding their baby’s face?

On social media, there has been lots of speculation about the lack of photos of the littlest Vuolo daughter. Some Duggar fans thought that Jeremy and Jinger might be trying to cover up their baby’s face for some reason, such as a health concern. Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball talked about the possibility of the newborn having a health issue.

In a social media post, Katie shares four photos of Evangeline’s face, which are the only photos we’ve seen of the baby so far.

She writes, “I just wanted to share these so you can see that there isn’t physically anything on her lips or face that would cause them to hide her. Evie Jo appears to be pretty cute. She has some scratches on her checks following birth. Could be from a rough delivery. She also could have scratched her face – pretty normal.”

In the comments section of Katie’s post, fans are talking about the possibilities.

Overall, fans seem to think that the couple is unable to post pictures of Evangeline due to an agreement with TLC. Fans also think that they might be trying to keep their daughters out of the public eye.

A few fans think that Jinger and Jeremy are just too busy to post pictures of their kids. Since they’re alone in Los Angeles without family nearby, they have many responsibilities, including raising their two daughters. While this may be what’s going on, the couple is still active on social media. They just aren’t posting photos of their daughters.

So, do you think that Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are hiding something about their baby? Let us know in the comments below.

You can see the photos of Evangeline here.


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