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IMPACT Wrestling 3/9: Rating and Ranking Every Match

IMPACT Wrestling is less than a week away from their Safcifice special on IMPACT Plus. Several titles will be on the line at the event and this week’s show is expected to lead into that.

Each match at IMPACT Wrestling will be given a brief review and analysis. Then each match will be given a rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

5) Trey Miguel d. Sam Beale
Sami Callihan introduces Trey Miguel’s opponent named Sam Beale. Miguel starts off quickly with a dropkick and a modified German Suplex. Miguel locks in a figure-four with an arm lock for the quick win. After the match, the lights flicker, and in the ring Callihan hits Beale with a cradle piledriver.

Match Analysis: Quick dispatch of the youngster on IMPACT Wrestling to build towards Callihan and Miguel. Take a Pass. SQUASH.

ODB’s stand

4) ODB d. Susan
ODB gets the quick advantage as she chops Susan in the corner and then hits an avalanche splash. A Bronco Buster and a fallaway slam by ODB takes us to a commercial break. Back from the break as ODB continues her dominance until Susan gets a poke in the eye. ODB hits a second rope Thez Press for a two-count but misses an avalanche splash. ODB powers out of a full nelson and gets the win after a Samoan Drop. Nearly the entire Knockouts division run to the ring as they all brawl.

Match Analysis: Not much to see here. Standard match to add heat to the Knockout matches at Sacrifice. Take a Pass. *

Knockouts Action

3) Jazz d. Tasha Steelz
Jazz gets an early advantage on Tasha Steelz who quickly rolls outside to regroup. Back inside the ring and Steelz uses a headlock takeover to move the advantage to her corner. Jazz regains control with a headlock takeover of her own and the battle for supremacy on the matt. Steelz gets Jazz in the corner and gets a two-count off a neckbreaker. Falcon Arrow by Steelz gets another two-count. Jazz makes her comeback with a Samoan Drop that gets a two-count of her own followed by an STF for a submission win.

Match Analysis: Solid opener leading into the IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice event this week. Skim It. **1/4

IMPACT Wrestling: Tag Team Action

2) Beer Guns (James Storm & Chris Sabin) d. Rohit Raju & Shera
Chris Sabin and Rohit Raju start in the middle of the ring. Raju gets the early advantage until Sabin connects with an elbow and a snap suplex for a two-count. James Storm gets the tag as they double team Raju leading to another close count. Raju gets to the corner and tags in Shera who brushes off Storm with a big boot. Sabin makes the quick tag as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Shera is in control as they rotate tags to keep the action in their favor. Shera and Raju argue about who should get the final pin which leads to a back cracker from Storm and the Cradle Shock by Dabin for the win.

Match Analysis: Fun tag match as the chemistry between James Storm and Chris Sabin continues to improve. Nice finish too. Worth a Watch. ***

X-Divison Showcase

1) Chris Bey d. Austin Ace
Coller and elbow tie up to start as Chris Bey get the action on the mat Austin frees himself. Both men rotate the advantage in a chain wrestling exchange as Austin gets the advantage with a double underhook suplex for a two-count. The action moves outside as Bey connects with a modified baseball slide and a flipping plancha to take out Austin. Austin gets the momentum and hits the Fosbury Flop before moving the match back inside the ring. Bey tricks Austin with a fake kick before getting a two-count off the Code Red. Austin regains control with a release suplex and a springboard senton for a close count.

Back and forth exchange in the middle of the ring before Ace Austin catches Chris Bey on the top rope. They exchange blows up top before Bey hits modified Death Valey Driver from the top rope to the floor as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Bey gets the advantage with a springboard leg drop that only gets a two-count. Bey goes up top and avoids an attack by Austin before hitting a top rope closeline. Bey connected with a vertabreaker that gets another close two-count. Austin retreats outside again as TJP appears on the entrance ramp as Bey hits to cutters on Austin for the win.

Match Analysis: Best IMPACT Wrestling match in weeks. Great effort by both men as they put on an X-Divison showcase that highlights what the division is all about. Must-Watch. ****

Robby Steven

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