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WWE Raw 3/8: Rating and Ranking Every Match

Last week on WWE Raw, Bobby Lashley finally fulfilled his dream by becoming the new WWE Champion with a win over The Miz. In return, The Miz is scheduled for a rematch in the main event of Monday Night Raw.

Each match at WWE Raw will be given a brief review and analysis. Then each match will be given a rating and be ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

6) Xavier Woods d. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin gets the early advantage before Xavier Woods connects with a sidekick. Benjamin gets back in control as Woods is beaten down in the middle of the ring before getting clocked in the head with a running knee. Woods reverses a backdrop into a sunset flip for a two-count. Benjamin talks trash to Kofi Kingston on the outside and Woods rolls him up for a surprise win on WWE Raw.

Match Analysis: Short match to prep for the tag team title match between their respective team next week. Take a Pass. *1/2

Retribution fail

5) Riddle d. Slapjack
Riddle attacks early with various stikes and an exploder suplex. Another kick and knee strike sends Slapjack to the outside as he gains the advantage. Backdrop from Slapjack to Riddle on the apron as the action moves back inside the ring. Snap suplex and a modified falcon arrow gets a two-count. Riddle counters a Slapjack attack from the top into a powerbomb followed by a Final Flash knee for a two count. Slapjack regains control but eats another Final Flash knee and a Bro Derek as Riddle gets the win.

Match Analysis: Another short match that had a lot of energy to it. Both guys had their working boots on as Riddle heads into a title defense against Mustafa Ali on next week’s WWE Raw. Skim It. **

WWE Raw: Women’s tag title action

4) Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler d. Naomi & Lana
Naomi gets a few kicks in before tagging Lana and trying to double team Nia Jax for no impact. Shayna Baszler tags in as Naomi and Lana exchange tags and get the surprising advantage. The action moves to the outside as Naomi takes out Jax and Baszler with a plancha as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Baszler is in control of Lana before a hot tag is made to Naomi. Naimi knocks Baszler to the outside before taking Jax down with a flurry of kicks. Lana gets back in but is finished off by Jax with the chokeslam-powerbomb combo.

Match Analysis: Decent match and one of the better efforts on the women’s side of WWE Raw. Skim It. **1/4

Lashley’s Reign

WWE Championship Match
3) Bobby Lashley (c) d. The Miz
The Miz quickly regroups outside but is quickly pulled back inside by Bobby Lashley. Stalling suplex by Lashley before getting The Miz into the corner. Lashley misses a shoulder block into the ring post as the action spills to the outside. Lashley shakes off the pain to go back on the offense before we go to a commercial break. Back from the break and Lashley is dominating The Miz in the middle of the ring. Lashley goes over the top rope but then catches the on his shoulders and rams him into the ring post. Lashley hits a flatliner, spinebuster, and then locks in the Hurt Locker for the win.

Match Analysis: Solid defense by Lashley to officially wrap-up the mini-feud with The Miz and move forward on WWE Raw. The Miz played his role well and got enough offense in to prevent this from being a squash while keeping Lashley strong. Skim It. **1/2

WWE Raw: Main Event

2) AJ Styles d. Randy Orton
Randy Orton starts off quickly as he goes for an RKO but AJ Styles is able to push off and retreat outside. Back in the ring and Styles gets the upper hand until Orton hits a back elbow. Outside the ring again as Orton backdrops Styles onto the announce table as he stares Omus in the face. Orton is knocked off the apron as he attempts to get back in the ring and is met with a plancha by Styles as we head to a commercial.

Back from the break as AJ Styles has Randy Orton in the corner and works on the leg. Styles continues his attack until Orton is able to connect on a closeline. Snap powerslam gets a two-count for Orton. Orton attempts a superplex but Styles fight his way off, attempts a springboard but is knocked off by Orton. Orton goes for a draping DDT but Styles counters into a submission. Styles struggles to lock it in as Orton knocks him off and sets up for an RKO. Alex Bliss appears on the video wall to taunt Orton as pyro goes off on the ring post. Orton gets sick in the middle of the ring and is hit by a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Match Analysis: Another good match between these two as Randy Orton moves closer to his inevitable match with The Fiend. AJ Styles has been well protected for months but needs a story and match for Wrestlemania ASAP. What are they waiting for? Worth a Watch. ***1/4

No Disqualification Match

1) Drew McIntrye vs Sheamus
Drew McIntyre attacks Sheamus during his entrance as the No DQ match officially starts in the ring. They exchange strikes in the ring before McIntyre gets the better of things until he’s pulled off the ropes. Sheamus goes up top and connects with a closeline for a two-count. The action spills outside as McIntyre tosses Sheamus into the steps and then over the announce table. Sheamus regains the advantage before missing a shot with a kendo stick. Back in the ring and Sheamus is able to cut off McIntyre as he reenters the ring. Sheamus rips into McIntyre with multiple shots with the kendo stick.

Drew McIntyre makes a comeback with two belly-to-belly suplexes and a neckbreaker. McIntyre grabs the kendo stick and goes off on Sheamus, including a kendo-assisted Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Back outside and Sheamus chokeslams McIntyre in the announce table as we go to a commercial break. Back from the break and Sheamus locks in a Texas Cloverleaf but McIntyre is able to reverse it. Sheamus gets caught going up top as McIntyre connects with a superplex for a two-count. Sheamus bounces back with White Noise for another two-count. Future Shock DDT on a chair by McIntyre gets another close count.

Friendship tested

Sheamus tosses a chair at Drew McIntyre and hits a knee strike for a two-count. McIntyre is able to rebound and knock Sheamus to the outside of the ring but is met with a Brouge Kick. Both men pick up steel steps and ram into each other as McIntyre and Sheamus are both knocked out.

Match Analysis: This was a war that was close to their match from last week on WWE Raw. The finish might rub some people the wrong way but it’s likely going to set up another match between the two. Check this one out for sure. Must-Watch. ****

Robby Steven

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