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LeBron James Teases New Photos From Upcoming Movie ‘Space Jam 2’

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Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James is one of the most popular multi-talented athletes today. Aside from his basketball career, he also does acting., James shocked the world after he was announced to star Space Jam 2. Apparently, the first movie came out way back in 1996, where NBA Legend Michael Jordan is the main protagonist. Now, James shared new photos from his upcoming movie and fans can’t wait to finally watch it.

NBA: LeBron James Shares New Photos From Space Jam 2

In a social media post, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James shared several pictures from his upcoming movie called Space Jam: A New Legacy. It’s a sequel to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam back in 1996 where he teamed up with Looney Tunes characters. James captioned his post with, “Y’ALL NOT READY FOR THIS SQUAD!!!! Let’s get it!” One of the pictures shows James high-fiving Lola Bunny while playing basketball. There’s also a photo where James can be seen talking to Don Cheadle, who will play the role of Al-G Rhythm.

The exclusive preview photos are from Entertainment Weekly


Several NBA players have been revealed to join James on Space Jam: A New Legacy. Damian Lillard previously revealed that he’ll bring a huge impact in the upcoming film. Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving were also reportedly joining the cast. James’s backcourt partner Anthony Davis is also believed to be joining him in the upcoming film.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Plot

Space Jam: A New Legacy will feature an interesting adventure of LeBron James, which won’t really focus a lot on basketball. According to James, the sequel will be more of a family movie. He said that it will revolve around his parenting adventures with his fictional son Dom. Apparently, James is struggling on relating to his son’s interest, which is playing video games. However, Dom’s tech skills resulted in Al-G Rhythm trapping him and his father in “Warner 3000 entertainment Server-verse.”

According to reports, the sever-verse will feature tons of cameos from WB’s previous films. After that, James ended up reassembling the legendary Tune Squad team in order to defeat the Goon Squad and escape the virtual world.

NBA: Will Michael Jordan Be In The Sequel?

The 1996 Space Jam is one of the most iconic films Warner Bros. ever created. It’s starred by NBA Legend Michael Jordan, who’s considered one of the greatest NBA players ever existed. Since then, fans have been debating on who’s going to be the next star in Space Jam 2. After years of speculating, WB finally announced that LeBron James will take the torch of Jordan. However, there are reports stating that Jordan wants a different NBA player to take his torch as the main character of Space Jam. Due to this, it’s most likely that he will not appear in the film.

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Meanwhile, the NBA All-Star break will begin on March 7, 2021.

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