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Here Are Two Key Players The Warriors May Need Before Trade Deadline

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The Golden State Warriors are looking to push through the playoffs despite Klay Thompson’s absence. Apparently, the Warriors saw that there’s still a chance after Stephen Curry stepped up to the next level. He’s been performing almost better compared to his MVP year back in 2014. However, NBA analysts believe that the Warriors still need to sign two specific players to help them reach the top this season before the trade deadline.

The Warriors Can Add Another Defensive Player Before Trade Deadline

According to Blue Man Hoop, the Golden State Warriors will be a tough team if they added PJ Tucker. Apparently, Tucker has been a solid defensive player. He can also shoot threes, which can allow the Warriors to spread the floor easier. Tucker is currently averaging 4.4 points per game this season. While his points per game are not overwhelming, Tucker can be a good leader to the team. Tucker is widely known for being similar to Draymond Green’s presence in the game. He’s an amazing leader that can mentor younger players in the Warriors. Tucker’s departure from the Houston Rockets is most likely to happen as the team is looking to rebuild after trading James Harden.

Fans Think Lou Williams Would Fit Well With The Warriors

Fans suggest that the Golden State Warriors should add Lou Williams to the team. Apparently, Williams has been a deadly 3-point shooter throughout his career. Williams has been a huge contributor to the Los Angeles Clippers’ offense. It’s known that the Warriors’ offense focuses on 3-pointers. Due to this, Williams’ arrival in the team might create the Splash Trio of Curry, Williams, and Klay Thompson. It’s also believed that Williams can solve the offensive struggles of the Warriors when Curry gets subbed.

NBA: The Warriors’ Blowout Loss To Lakers

The Golden State Warriors just had a disappointing blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. During the first half, the Warriors were already down 73-44. Stephen Curry also struggled a lot in the offense while his teammates fail to contribute. Meanwhile, LeBron James and the Lakers enjoyed their huge lead throughout the game. James also sat down early in the game as the Warriors struggle to catch up with their huge lead. James managed to score 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists in only 24 minutes of playing. The Lakers defeated the Warriors with a score of 117-91.

The Golden State Warriors will face the Portland Trail Blazers on March 4, 2021.

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