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WWE 205 Live 2/12: Results and Match Ratings

The hidden gem of the WWE Network has constantly been the cruserweights on WWE 205 Live. With a fast paced show clocking in at about a half-hour, it’s non-stop action that is highly recommended.

WWE 205 Live: Tag Team Action

 Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Mansoor defeated Boly-Rise
Ever-Rise and The Bollywood Boyz were once arch rivials but seemed to get on the same page last week. Desptie this, Matt Martel and Sunil Singh ended up on the losing end in a loss to Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari. Shaking off their defeat, Chase Parker and Samir Signh decided to come together and lock horns with Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Mansoor. Parker and Mansoor start the match off with an exchange of chain wrestling. Mansoor connects on multiple dropkicks leading to a tag in for Parker.

Chase Parker attempts to get the better of Mansoor who then tags in Asgante Adonis. Mocking Parker, Adnois gets the early advantage before Parker sneaks an elbow who then tags Singh back in. They take part in double teams to wear down Adonis, quickly rotating tags to keep the fresh man in the ring. Parker wears down Adnois with a tight reverse chinlock before Singh does the same. Mansoor is then able to get the hot tag as he connect with an atomic drop on Singh. Parker cuts off Mansoor as Boly-Rise hits a Boly-Rise blast for a two-count. Mansoor is able to shake it off with a Falcon Arrow on Singh for a two count as all four men get into the ring. Adonis nails the Long Kiss Goodnight superkick on Singh for the win on WWE 205 Live.

Match Analysis: Fun tag team match as the Boly-Rise friendship doesn’t seem to be working out well. From an in-ring stand point it’s fun though, as it’s likely headed towards a match between both teams. Worth a Watch. ***

WWE: Main Event

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Neese
Last week’s WWE 205 Live ended as Tony Neese and Ariya Daivari beat down Jake Atlas and Austin Grey. Atlas is looking for revenge in the main event and that’s what he got. Before the match could begin, Daivari came to ringside to join the commentary booth. Neese gets the early advantage as Atlas is distracted by Daivari.

Jake Atlas turned the tables briefly with a headscissors but Tony Neese was quick to stop the comeback. After a slip up by Neese, Atlas got a two count following a swinging neckbreaker. A roll up by Atlas failed as Neese hit a spinning kick for a two-count. A bodyscissors on Atlas didn’t last long as both men got on their feet. Neese is closelined over the top rope before Atlas connects with a moonsault from the top rope.

A lariat by Jake Atlas then gets another two-count. Neese is able to regain control with a top rope closeline ala Randy Savage. A springboard moonsault from Neese gets a two-count as well. Atlas avoids a German suplex, charging with a big boot and several spin kicks. A German Suplex to Neese and a forearm is only good enough for a two-count. Up top goes Atlast who is cut off by Neese but he’s able to regain control and hit a brainbuster. Ariya Daivari attempts to distract Atlas but quickly rolls up Neese for the surprise win.

Match Analysis: Yet another solid main event on WWE 205 Live. Neese and Daivari are good in their role as the veteran heels with Atlas and Austin Grey as the babyface. Worth a Watch. ***1/2

Robby Steven

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