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IMPACT Wrestling 2/9: Rating and Ranking Every Match

IMPACT Wrestling is just days away from their No Surrender show live on the IMPACT Plus app. Several matches will have heavy implications leading into the big event. AEW Owner Tony Kahn is back with another paid infomercial as the AEW invasion moves forward. Each IMPACT Wrestling match will be analyzed and rated before being ranked from worst to best.

Matches Ranked from Worst to Best

5) Nevaeh defeated Kiera Hogan
Kiera Hogan of the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion continues the feud with Havoc and Nevaeh. Neveah gets on the offensive early using her power to dominate Hogan. Hogan then makes her comeback but it’s cut off by the power of Nevah as she connects with a rough-looking slam. Both women exchange strikes before Tasha Steelz causes the DQ win for Nevaeh.

Match Analysis: Yikes, this was tough to watch. It almost felt like it was two steps behind and a rough draft of a planned wrestling match. The ending also felt like it was botched. Take a Pass. DUD

4) Kimber Lee defeated ODB
ODB made her return on last week’s IMPACT Wrestling and aligned herself with Jordynne Grace and Jazz. The veteran started off hot but eventually found herself on the defensive. ODB gets tossed to the outside as we cut to a commercial break. Back from the commercial and ODB has the advantage before hitting a Bronco Buster. After Deonna Purrazzo and Susan get involved, Grace and Jazz come down to ringside to even the odds. Following a dive to the outside, ODB is rolled up as she enters the ring giving Lee the win.

Match Analysis: This felt like it was moving in slow motion. I don’t want to write off ODB since she just made her comeback, so hopefully, it’s just some ring rust. Take a Pass. *

IMPACT Wrestling: Decay’s newest member

3) Black Taurus defeats Kaleb with a K
Larry D, Ace Romero and Kaleb with a K come out to rip into Decay. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve then appear and introduce their newest member, Black Taurus. Taurus instantly overwhelms Kaleb, including hitting a crazy looking pop-up Samoan Drop. Taurus ends it with a spinning suplex slam for the win.

Match Analysis: A perfectly fine introduction to the newest member of Decay. With Abyss now on the WWE writing team, a third member is more than welcome. Worth a Watch because it won’t take up much of your time. SQUASH

Tag Team Title Match

2) James Storm and Chris Sabin defeated The Good Brothers by DQ
The war between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling continues on with tonight’s main event. James Storm starts off with Karl Anderson using a variety of wear down holds then tags to Chris Sabin. Sabin doubles down on the arm before a quick tag back to Storm. The Good Brothers find themselves in trouble as they are closelined to the outside as we cut to commercial.

Back from the break and Chris Sabin and James Storm maintain their offense with some double team offense. Anderson pokes the eye of Cabin before Gallows gets the tag. Gallows connects with several hard jabs to the chest of Sabin before a big boot takes him down. Matt Hardy and Private Party appear on the entrance leading to Storm tagging in with hot offense. Sabin and Storm look to have the match won before Private Party interfere for the DQ.

Match Analysis: Solid tag match to end IMPACT Wrestling though the results seemed predictable. Private Party have a shot at The Good Brothers so their interference makes sense. Worth a Watch. **3/4

IMPACT Wrestling: X-Divison Action

1) Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, Willie Mack and Suicide defeated Chris Bey, Ace Austin, Daivari and Blake Christian
All eight men will be involved in the first IMPACT Wrestling Triple Threat Revolver match at No Surrender this weekend. The eight-man tag kicked off the show with the heel faction gaining the advantage but showing signs of cracking. Trey Miguel gets the hot tag mid-way through and cleans house on Blake Christian.

Chris Bey enters and breaks up a submission by Trey Miguel. The match breaks down as Alexander locks in an ankle lock on Ace Austin. Blake Christian then connects with a 450 splash to break up the submission. After a lengthy high-spot conclusion, the face faction get the win after Miguel makes Christian tap to an arm lock. Following the match, Sami Callihan appears on the video wall to threaten Miguel.

Match Analysis: Really fun opener that delivers what you would want in an IMPACT Wrestling X-Division match, high spots without much selling and story, but full of entertainment. Worth a Watch. ***1/2



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