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IMPACT Wrestling 2/2: Results and Match Ratings

IMPACT Wrestling last week ended with the return of former Rascalz, Trey Miguel. Miguel pinned Sami Calihan in a big 6-man tag team match as the internal battle in IMPACT moves on. The Knockouts division is also heating up, as have the new faces in IMPACT.

IMPACT Wrestling: Knockouts action

Havok defeated Tasha Steele
One half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Tasha Steele goes solo on IMPACT Wrestling against Havok. Havok and her partner Nevaeh lost in the tournament finals against Steele and Kiera Hogan, and she’s looking for revenge. Using her size advantage, Havok is able to bully Steele around, using a leg lock to wear down her opponent. Steele attempts a comeback but is able to reverse a cutter from the corner and throws her to the middle of the ring. Havok then connects with a corner avalanche and then catches Steele in a swinging bossman slam for a two count. After a distraction from Neveh, Havok then finishes off Steele with a jumping tombstone.

Match Analysis: This was a straight-up squash which is surprising since Steele and Hogan just won the belts. Take a Pass. *

Backstage talk

IMPACT Wrestling official Scott D’Amore meets with Sami Callihan and informs him that Ken Shamrock has been suspended. Callihan seems pleased as it looks to be Shamrock’s exit from the company.

Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer talk in the back in preparation for their main event tag team match. Swann tells Dreamer that due to turning 50, he doesn’t mind wrestling alone tonight. Dreamer insists he’ll be there.

The Good Brothers appear to dismiss the competition in IMPACT Wrestling as they look to their upcoming match in AEW. They are confronted by James Storm and Chris Sabin who accept a challenge for a match next week.

IMPACT Wrestling: In-ring action

Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton
Josh Alexander has been solid in recent weeks, but the build of Madman Fulton as a monster is going full force. Fulton starts fast but Alexander is able to gain control and get the big man down. After attempting an ankle lock, Alexander is kicked to the floor where Fulton follows. Fulton then connects with a chokeslam on the apron before the match goes back into the ring. Another chokeslam on Alexander but it only gets a two count. Fulton goes for a superplex but it’s countered into a powerbomb and then a Jay Driller for the surprise win. **1/4

Match Analysis: Big surprise with this one. Alexander is a good wrestler but I didn’t expect a win over Madman Fulton. Skim It. **1/4

IMPACT Wrestling: Feuds expand

Brian Myers comes down to the ring with an eye patch after his recent match with Eddie Edwards. Myers calls out Edwards who runs down to the ring. Before Edwards can get his hands on Myers, Hernandez makes his IMPACT Wrestling return. After Hernandez and Myers double team Edwards, Matt Cardona makes the save. Following the match, Cardona and Edwards agree to team up against Myers and Hernandez at No Surrender.

Crazzy Steve w/Rosemary defeated Larry D
Crazzy Steve charges at Larry D and is able to get the big man down. Steve is distracted by Ace Romero on the outside who puts Larry in the position to gain the advantage. A belly to belly suplex by Larry gets a two count. The beatdown continues until Steve bites Larry and then hits a plancha on Romero on the outside. Steve slingshots back into the ring but eats a right hand from Larry who picks up the win.

Match Analysis: The reunion of Decay has potential as they were one of the best aspects of IMPACT Wrestling during their down period of 2016-2017. The match was nothing spectacular but still had some fun movies. Skim It. **

Questionable motive

Trey Miguel is interviewed by Gia Miller. Trey says he returned to IMPACT Wrestling to show the world what he could do as a singles wrestler. The interview is interrupted by Sami Callihan who questions Trey’s loyalty to the company.

Larry D and Ace Romero are interviewed in the back about their win over Crazzy Steve. They run into Tenille Dashwood and the three challenge Decay to find a partner for a 6-person tag match at No Surrender.

IMPACT Wrestling: Back in the Ring

Jordynne Grace defeated Susan
Susan’s character change into a businesswoman is an interesting one but I’m not sure if it’s working. Jordynne Grace uses her power to start the match but due to outside interference from Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee, Susan is able to take control. Grace makes her comeback with multiple slams and a Michinoku Driver for a 2 count. Purrazzo and Lee attempt to interfere again but are met by Jazz on the outside. Inside the ring, Grace hits another Michinoku Driver for the win. After the match, Susan and company start a beatdown until a returning ODB makes her way down to the ring and cleans house.

Match Analysis: Decent enough match but the feud isn’t doing much for me. ODB returning could spice things up though. Take a Pass. *1/2

AEW Invasion

Matt Hardy talks to Private Party in the back about their upcoming title matches. Hardy promises to take them to the top of AEW and IMPACT Wrestling while taking a lot of their money in the process.

Tony Schivone and AEW Owner Tony Kahn run another AEW promo hyping Dynamite on Wednesday Night. Kahn continues his heel turn to the IMPACT Wrestling audience, which was actually humorous.

Jordan Grace and Jazz walk with ODB in the back. ODB is asked if she’s officially back with IMPACT Wrestling but refuses to confirm.

X-Divison Action

Rohit Raju defeated TJP
Rohit Raju attempts to start quick but is met by TJP’s high impact offense. A dropkick, hip toss, and an octopus submission from TJP. Raju then is able to turn the tables and gain the offense. TJP gets caught up in the ropes as Taju hits a dropkick of his own before going to commercial.

Following the commercial break, Raju continues his attack before hitting a faceplant for a 2 count. Raju lands a roaring elbow but TJP absorbs it with a top rope hurricanrana followed by a tornado DDT. TJP misses a Swanton bomb allowing Raju to hit a cannonball in the corner. After getting knocked to the outside, TJP finds himself pulled under the ring by Mahabali Shera. TJP rolls back into the ring but Raju hits a knee strike for the win.

Match Analysis: TJP is a good wrestler who knows his role as the X-Divison star. Raju is also making name for himself and they have solid chemistry with each other and this match was no different. Worth a Watch. ***

IMPACT Wrestling: Main Event

Moose & Chris Bey defeated Rich Swan & Tommy Dreamer
Tommy Dreamer starts off the match with Chris Bey. Both men trade headlock takedowns before Bey lands a second rope closeline before a commercial break. Back after the commercial and Rich Swann and Chris Bay go full speed before Swann is able to take control. Swann tags Dreamer in as they hit the Demolition Decapitation for a 2 count. Dreamer stretches Bey with an abdominal stretch before Swann comes back in.

Rich Swann hits the rope but is met with a knee to the back by Moose. In comes Moose who manhandles the IMPACT Wrestling Champion before putting on his own abdominal stretch. Bey and Moose trade offense until Swann is able to make the hot tag to Dreamer. Bey attempts to attack from the top rope but falls into a DDT by Dreamer. Moose lands a hard spear on Swann to pick up the win. After the match, Moose beats down Dreamer as the show comes to a close.

Match Analysis: Solid main event leading into the No Surrender IMPACT Plus show in two weeks. Swann and Dreamer should be fine if nothing else, but the real build is for Moose to challenge for the title. Worth a Watch. **3/4

Robby Steven

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