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NBA: Kyrie Irving Opens Up On His Return To The Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has been making headlines after his long absence in the league. There are reports stating that he’s resting due to mental health and family issues. However, he was previously seen partying with his family with not a mask in sight. Due to this, the NBA fined Kyrie $50,000 and forfeited the salary of his last two games. Now, Kyrie is back with the Nets and he finally explained the reasons for his long absence.

NBA: Kyrie Irving Is Back

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is finally back after a long absence. During an interview, Kyrie explained why he left the game for a few days. According to him, he just needed a pause. However, he promised that he’ll make up for his absences.

“We got some great pieces and we just move on and I let my actions and my game speak for itself like I planned on doing”, Kyrie said. He also revealed that he went through some family and personal issues. Kyrie also said that his love for basketball was never an issue. “I’m not alone in this. It’s just a big thing about mental health, just being balanced with yourself first and then being able to perform”, Kyrie added.

Kyrie Buys George Floyd’s Family A House

Kyrie Irving didn’t just sit down and relax during his absence. Apparently, he bought George Floyd’s family a house. It was confirmed by former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who was a close friend of the Floyd family. George died in May 2020 after former police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck, leaving him unable to breathe. George’s death led to an ongoing series of protests against police brutality. Kyrie was also affected by all the issues in politics and the Black Lives Matter movement. According to him, “I’d be lying sitting here and saying I don’t feel what’s going on in the world, nor am I paying attention to it. I just have a huge responsibility, I feel, to continue to serve my community.”

NBA: The Nets Are Looking Good

The Brooklyn Nets have won two consecutive games since James Harden’s arrival. The Harden-Durant duo has been dominating in their last two games. Now, Kyrie Irving is expected to play in their upcoming game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Nets Head Coach Steve Nash, Kyrie participated in their recent team practice. Kyrie’s return will create one of the best Big 3’s in the league today. The Nets are now highly favored to reach the finals after Harden’s arrival. Fans are also impressed with Durant’s recent performances despite coming off from an Achilles injury.

The Brooklyn Nets will face the Cleveland Cavaliers on January 21, 2021.

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