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Why Was Lita Almost Fired From The WWE?

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WWE’s ‘Attitude Era’ ended in 2002, but it seems shock-value in the ring for ratings never went out of style. On Monday nights on the USA network, it was common to see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin drop his opponent with a Stunner. And then crack open a beer. 

Austin retired in 2003 and the in-ring shenanigans became more salacious. By 2006, the company was resorting to hanky-panky happening live in the ring. Yes, we’re talking about the infamous storyline of Edge (Adam Copeland) and Lita almost doing the deed in the middle of the ring for all to see. They were interrupted before things got out of hand. But on her social media, Amy Dumas – AKA WWE superstar Lita – made some shocking allegations about that night. 

Why Lita Climbed Into Bed With Edge on Live TV

Amy Dumas is very active on social media. She even has a Twitch stream, where she interacts with her fans. Earlier this week, one such fan couldn’t believe what the WWE alum said during her live stream. 

According to the fan, Dumas wasn’t a willing participant in the celebration in the ring that night. The storyline told on TV was that Edge wanted to celebrate his title win from the pay-per-view that aired the night before. His idea of a celebration was having s*x with Lita in the middle of the ring. There was even a bed.

In reality, the idea was actually Vince McMahon’s and he wasn’t backing down when Dumas protested. During her live Twitch, she said that both Copeland and John Cena tried to reason with McMahon to no avail.

SPORTbible reports that Dumas didn’t get any support from the WWE higher-ups, either. Reportedly, they threatened to FIRE her if she didn’t go through with the skit. She ultimately did go through with it, even suffering an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her flashing the crowd. 

Fan Backlash Lead to Her Quitting WWE 

The Edge and Lita storyline on WWE was partly based in real-life. At the time, the couple was dating on-screen and off. However, their off-screen romance had more drama than their on-screen one. Before dating Copeland, Dumas was in a relationship with another WWE star – Matt Hardy. 

Matt Hardy and his brother, Jeff Hardy, were the subjects of the documentary Twist of Fate – The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story. The film covers how Jeff Hardy found out about the affair between his then-girlfriend and one of his best friends. He waxed poetic about going to the kitchen for a glass of water. Hardy said the moonlight reflected off Dumas’ phone in her purse, and he saw a text from Copeland to her. More realistic version: he was snooping through her phone. 

The affair later became fodder for a storyline of a feud between Edge and Matt Hardy. 

As a result of her private life airing out on TV, Dumas was harassed by the audience with derogatory names. That, combined with the ‘uncomfortable’ live s*x right celebration, she left the WWE in late 2006. 

At the time, the company did their best to portray Dumas in the worst possible light. However, it seems the two sides have reconciled since them. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and makes occasional television appearances. 

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