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NBA: James Harden Says He Wasn’t Disrespecting The Rockets

The Houston Rockets shocked the NBA world after trading their superstar James Harden in a four-team deal. It’s no secret that Harden has been requesting a trade since the offseason. He even went to parties which is strictly prohibited by the NBA due to Covid-19. John Wall’s arrival in the Rockets doesn’t change Harden’s mind as well. Fans think that Harden is being disrespectful to the team. Now, Harden opened up about his departure to the team. Meanwhile, fans and former NBA players are making fun of what the Brooklyn Nets’ offense would look like.

NBA: James Harden Opens Up About His Departure

During an interview, 2017-2018 NBA MVP James Harden opened up about his departure from the Houston Rockets. According to him, he’s been with the Rockets for a very long time and he did everything he could to help the team. Harden also made it clear that he wasn’t disrespecting the team. “I have been through all the ups and downs, you know, with that organization. And I wasn’t disrespectful toward anyone”, Harden said. He also clarified that he was only commenting on the Rockets’ inability to reach the finals. Apparently, the Rockets have been home to many superstars in the league such as Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony. However, all of them ended up leaving the team due to their lack of competitiveness.

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Fans Are Making Fun Of Nets’ Lineup

The Brooklyn Nets have been making headlines since James Harden’s arrival. Some fans are throwing jokes on who’s going to take the last shot. A meme of Charles Barkley continuously saying the word “Dribble” was also thrown at the Nets’ lineup. Apparently, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden are well-known for their isolation plays. They dribble a lot without passing the ball, which badly affects the team’s playmaking ability. Another fan also made a clip in NBA 2K21 showing the Nets’ big three just dribbling the ball until the shot clock expires.

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NBA: Kyrie Irving Remains Out

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving will remain out ahead of their game against the Orlando Magic. Kyrie has been out of the game for quite some time now due to mental health and personal issues. He was recently spotted at a party which was later explained as a birthday celebration with his family. The NBA fined Kyrie $50,000 due to his absences. The NBA also said that they will forfeit Kyrie’s salary for the last two games he missed. Meanwhile, Harden is listed as questionable in the Nets’ injury report. However, Nets Head Coach Steve Nash recently announced that he’s expecting Harden to play in their game against the Magic.

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The Brooklyn Nets will face the Orlando Magic on January 17, 2021.

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