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‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Teases That She’s Looking For A Job

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown may not be the most active member of the Brown family on social media. However, fans find her wholesome whenever she posts something online. Ysabel is the daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown. She suffered from scoliosis for years. Until later in 2020, Ysabel underwent surgery to finally fix her back. Now, Ysabel is looking healthy and she’s now planning to start a new life. She recently teased that she’s looking for a job. She also had fun talking to her fans after a long absence on social media.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Looking For A Job

In a social media post, Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown shared a picture of her in what seems to be a huge warehouse. One fan quickly noticed her background and asked her, “Why are you posing in a warehouse district?” Ysabel answered with, “hoping for a future job opportunity!” It appears that Ysabel is now ready for a new chapter in her life after her successful back surgery last year. Ysabel also asked her fans to give her good songs. “please drop some songs that you’ve been listening to”, she said. Fans told her a lot of songs from different genres. It also appears that Ysabel loves talking to her fans. She quickly responds to her fan comments and many find it wholesome.

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Ysabel Says She Had Bangs But Regrets It Quickly

According to Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown, she had bangs but deeply regretted it. Ysabel is known for her long hair. She barely posts a picture of her with bangs. Due to this, fans were surprised when she said that she had bangs. Some fans also comforted her by saying, “It’s your smile that is so great and bangs grow out. We have all done it lol.” Another fan also said, “You’re so cute your hair doesn’t matter.”

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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Teases Ysabel’s Back Surgery Journey On Season 15

Sister Wives star Christine Brown might have teased some of the main storylines for season 15. During a social media live stream, Christine said that she couldn’t elaborate further updates on her daughter Ysabel’s back surgery as it’s included in the storyline of season 15. During the previous seasons of Sister Wives, fans were able to see Kody and Christine doing everything they can to help Ysabel. Apparently, Ysabel was diagnosed with scoliosis. At one point, Christine and Kody tried to correct their daughter’s curved spine by using a brace. Now, Ysabel has fully recovered from her back surgery and fans are hoping to see her journey in season 15.

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