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Why Is Rebel Wilson Hanging Out With Mike Tyson?

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Pitch Perfect actress, Rebel Wilson and Champion fighter, Mike Tyson recently celebrated a huge milestone together. Read on to find what these two have in common.

Rebel Wilson and Mike Tyson are Celebrating Together

Rebel Wilson and Mike Tyson might seem like an odd pair of friends. Seriously, what could an Australian comedienne and a champion fighter have in common? Actually, quite a bit.

As many fans have seen over the years, both celebs had very public struggles with weight. In fact, Rebel basically became famous for it. The now 40-year-old actress became a household name back in 2012 after her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect.  Eleven years later, Wilson and her friend, Mike Tyson are celebrating a brand new year – with brand new bodies.

Both celebs put in the work last year and came out of 2020 with transformed physiques. ET reports that Together, the two celebs lost more than 160 pounds!

Rebel Wilson, Instagram

Rebel Posts Photo with Tyson On Instagram

On Thursday, Rebel posted a photo to her Instagram that made fans do a double-take. Standing less than a foot apart with huge grins on their faces, Mike and Rebel posed for a quick photo together. The celebs both looked amazing. Fans were quick to swarm the post and congratulate the pair on all the hard work they put in.

In the snap, neither wore masks, however, it appears as though they briefly took them off for the photo. Rebel Wilson wore a bright yellow, button-down, cropped sweater. She also donned black leggings with leather adornments and paired it with what appear to be velveteen flats with a skull and crossbones on them. The blonde comedienne wore her hair up in a structured top bun with loose tendrils. The look had a very ‘mod’ 60’s feel – very reminiscent to Twiggy– minus the heavy eyeliner.

Mike Tyson was also showing off his style in a pair of dark blue jeans with bleached accent areas. He paired it with a button-down collared shirt and rounded out the look with a sophisticated leather jacket and white Addidas.

The location of the photo has not been reported on at this time – nor the reason behind the shot – however, it seems as if the two randomly crossed paths and stopped for a fun photo op.

Credit: Rebel Wilson Instagram
Credit: Rebel Wilson Instagram

How Did They Lose The Weight?

Revel Wilson and Mike Tyson both worked very hard to shed those extra pounds. Clearly – it paid off well. Fans are left wondering how these two managed to drop 160 pounds over the last year. According to Rebel has been sharing her transformation on Instagram over the last year and fans have really been supportive of her efforts. Rebel dropped more than 60 pounds this year and says that her major change was diet and exercise. She reports that she kept her diet under 1500 calories per day and worked out daily ‘like a beast.’

Tyson, surprisingly, lost over 100 pounds in 2020. The boxing champ is now sporting a new, trim physique as well. The former award-winning athlete credits his weight loss to a change in lifestyle. In an interview with Good Morning America late last year, Tyson says that he went vegan and began working out on the treadmill at least two hours per day.

Rebel Wilson Hasn’t Lost Her Spunk

Despite her amazing body transformation, Rebel still aims to make fans laugh and smile. In addition to her fun photo with Tyson, the celeb also recently posted photos and video on social media sporting high-waisted pink Lycra pants and a long sleeve, cropped workout top. she wore her hairstyle in a high, fancy ponytail and twirled a towel in an over-sexualized and glamorous way. The video played Ariana Grande‘s ‘Positions’ in the background. She also posted several other photos from the same shoot of her posing in several other areas of her home gym.

Rebel’s fans loved the photoshoot and were quick to leave comments about how healthy she looks and how happy they are for her.

The video and accompanying photos have been viewed more than two million times.

Do you love seeing amazing celebrity transformations? We do too!

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