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Why Did Social Media Users Cancel Jennifer Aniston?

Nikki Desrosiers

Jennifer Aniston is one of the least offensive celebrities ever.  Nonetheless, the former Friends actress is being ‘canceled’ over her latest Instagram story.  Read on to find out more.

Jennifer Aniston Instagram

Jennifer Aniston Cancelled on Instagram?

Trolls around the world took the opportunity to jump on Jennifer Aniston this weekend over her latest Instagram story. In the photo Aniston shared on Christmas day, the 51-year old actress held a wooden Christmas ornament in the palm of her hand. The decoration had a simple laser-etched engraving in the wood that said ‘Our First Pandemic 2020.”

While many found the post to be in lighthearted, some feel the photo was in bad taste. Some onlookers dubbed the celeb ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘oblivious’, implying that she had malicious intent. Many of these trolls seemed to take to the idea that Aniston didn’t care about the millions of lives lost or about those suffering from the virus.  One Twitter user reacted to Jennifer’s post by asking “Why’s jennifer aniston talking abt ‘out first pandemic’ like it’s a baby shower?”

Another angry follower responded to her story by saying “Jennifer Aniston is a damn fool for posting that ornament on her story… celebrities are ditzy af,” the user continued to smear on the sarcasm inferring that Aniston was ‘celebrating’ the Covid pandemic. “cheers to our first pandemic of 2020, where millions of people died! Let’s celebrate that on a Christmas ornament!”

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Fans Defend Jennifer On Social Media

Despite the numerous people who felt the need to snub Jennifer on Instagram and Twitter, her fans definitely had her back. Most understood the post was intended with light humor.

Fans of the Horrible Bosses star came to her defense, showing their support and letting her haters know that they needed to find a new platform. Some pointed out that they too had similar ornaments, reflecting that it wasn’t about celebrating the Pandemic – it was about materializing a memory of a huge worldwide event that we experienced and lived through in our lifetime.

“jennifer aniston is the most unproblematic woman, leave her alone,” said one exasperated fan.

Another Instagram fan came to the actress’s defense adding “This was clearly meant with humor. Why are we giving this air with all the actual things in the world that we could be offended by? Don’t enable that faux rage in people, it’s not productive.”

Jennifer has Big Feelings About Covid

Despite the controversy circling at the moment – Jennifer hasn’t let the trolls get the best of her. As of now, Jennifer has not responded the trolls slinging hate around the internet. It’s probable she won’t. Quite plainly, Jennifer Aniston is one of the least controversial celebrities in the business.

Aniston has, on multiple occasions, spoke out about Covid. The celeb has made more than one post urging followers to wear a mask. She has begged them to take Covid seriously.

Jen’s most notable post on the topic went viral a few months ago. Back in June, Aniston posted a photo of herself, sans makeup, wearing her mask. In the caption, she begs her followers to put aside their need to politicize the virus. Instead, she encourages them to work together to flatten the curve. She reminded people that the masks save lives and while uncomfortable, are essential to saving lives. She ends her rant with #wearadamnmask, a hashtag that quickly started trending on social media.

Needless to say, Jen knows how serious the pandemic is and is actively doing her part to flatten the curve. Many of her fans think it’s odd how harshly people are judging her over a novelty ornament — when there are other celebs out there blatantly disregarding any kind of Covid safety. Maybe if the trolls worked this hard at canceling Covid, they might get some better results.

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