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Great Twitter Debate 2020: Are These Restaurant Chains Fancy?

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The most surprising discussions surface on Twitter almost daily. On Monday, December 28, the topic turned to restaurants. Twitter user @johnbcrist asked Twitterverse to name a restaurant they thought was fancy as a kid but realized otherwise as an adult. 

And other Twitter users had a lot of thoughts. The names of various restaurants trended throughout the day, as people shared their childhood memories. 

Olive Garden Most Popular Choice for ‘Fancy’ Restaurant

Olive Garden. The Italian restaurant with all-you-can-eat breadsticks and salad. There is a never-ending debate over the authenticity of Olive Garden’s Italian-inspired menu and decor. However, that is a debate for another today. 

Many Twitter users cited Olive Garden as a restaurant they considered fancy when they were kids. However, now they see it in a new light and maybe not as fancy as they thought. 

Some users mentioned Olive Garden in other contexts, which helped it trend for longer. Due to Twitter’s algorithm, “Olive Garden” was trending under the “Politics” label. And people had some feelings about the strange categorization. One Twitter user volunteered to head the Olive Garden political party. 

Olive Garden has also been in the news recently after singing sensation Taylor Swift name-dropped the chain in one of her new songs. 

While Olive Garden was top choice for fanciest, a lobster joint gave it a run – or crawl – for its money. 

What About Red Lobster? 

Much like Olive Garden’s breadsticks, Red Lobster is famous for its Cheddar Bay biscuits. In fact, before Taylor Swift gave a shout out to Olive Garden, Beyoncé made an explicit reference to treating a good lover to dinner at Red Lobster. 

One Twitter user felt very strongly that Red Lobster was the correct answer to the debate. They wrote that they expected “95%” of the responses to mention Red Lobster as the fanciest restaurant. 

Are There Any Ponderosa Restaurants Left in the U.S.?

Not surprisingly, some of the restaurants adults look back on fondly are no longer as popular as they used to be. In fact, some don’t even exist in the U.S. anymore. Some of the shuttered, or almost-shuttered, restaurants mentioned include Ground Round, Sizzler, Friendly’s, and Ponderosa. 

Select locations can be found in a handful of states. For example, Ground Round continues to have 10 locations. Click on the name of the restaurants to see if any are still open near your location. 

Honorable Mention In ‘Fanciest’ Restaurant Debate

The Cheesecake Factory was one of the other restaurants named. While the chain’s book-sized menu is the brunt of many jokes, people still love the food. 

Do you agree with Twitter’s choices for the fanciest restaurant? Let us know your choice in the comments down below. 

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