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Bob Costas Hilariously Lists Things That Will Happen Before He Joins Twitter

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Everyone and their mother may be on Twitter these days, but there is one person who isn’t. Sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas. Earlier this week, a fake Twitter account purporting to be the iconic anchor fooled thousands of people. In fact, at one point, @real_bobcostas had over 18K followers. 

No, Bob Costas is NOT on Twitter

Someone got to pretend to be Bob Costas for about 24 hours. That’s how long it took before his son, Keith Costas, and agent heard about the ruse. The fake account racked up thousands of followers and shot off several sketchy tweets before people caught on. Yahoo Sports reports that reporters from ESPN and YES networks were both fooled by the fake account. 

The outlet notes that fake Bob Costas weighing in on “NFL power rankings” was a huge red flag. Most times, a legit celebrity social media account will have a blue checkmark next to their name. That means the platform was able to confirm, or verify, that the account is connected to the celebrity.

The Bob Costas Twitter account didn’t have the blue checkmark, but people thought it was legit anyway. It certainly looked legit… except one small error. 

Legendary Broadcaster Corrects Emmys Error

To be fair, the @real_bobcostas LOOKS legit. It had a professional photo of Bob Costas. The account’s bio mentioned his former role as a broadcaster on NBC Sports, along with his iconic Olympic hosting duties.

However, there was one small error that the real Bob Costas thought was a dead giveaway. The account’s bio says he won 21 Emmys. The Rich Eisen Show spoke with Costas about the fake account. The broadcaster was quick to point out that he’s actually won 28 Emmy Awards. 

Here’s what the fake profile looked like. It’s since been suspended by Twitter after they found out it was a fake. 

What Would Bob Costas Rather Do Than Join Twitter? 

Many celebrities and television personalities are on social media. But don’t expect to count Bob Costas among them. While speaking to the Rich Eisen Show, the anchor revealed that hell would freeze over before he joined Twitter. Additionally, the following things are more likely to happen: 

  • binge watch the Real Housewives of Orange County
  • hire Rudy Giuliani as his personal attorney
  • make a return trip to Sochi just for the nostalgia of the pink-eye episode
  • star in a sequel to “BASEketball”
  • visit the NFL combine

Did you see the fake Bob Costas Twitter account before it was suspended? Did you think it was his real account? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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