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President-Elect Joe Biden Thinks Trump Should Attend 2021 Inauguration

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President-elect Joe Biden says President Trump should attend the 2021 Inauguration. He thinks it’s important “for the country.” However, Biden doesn’t care if Trump attends or not. He admits that Trump’s decision “is of no personal consequence to me.”

President-elect shares his thoughts

Joe Biden spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday, December 3. During the interview, Tapper asked Biden if it was important for the outgoing president to attend the inauguration. As for Trump, he has not confirmed whether he’ll attend. As for Biden, it would be good for the country in a time of great division.

“I think it would [be] important only in one sense – not in a personal sense – important in a sense that we are able to demonstrate at the end of this chaos he’s created, that there is a peaceful transfer of power, with the competing parties standing there, shaking hands, and moving on,” Joe Biden said. “I really worry about the image we’re presenting to the rest of the world … look where we are now in the world.”

The 78-year-old said that Trump’s absence would not reflect help America’s reputation. He believes that “the protocol of the transfer of power is important.” But Biden understands that it’s up to Trump to make that decision for himself. He won’t take it personally if Trump doesn’t attend.

On Saturday, November 7, Joe Biden was projected winner of the 2020 election by major news outlets, including the Associated Press. Historically, presidential candidates concede the race with a phone call to the victor, and meeting with the families. Since losing the election, the 74-year-old has not conceded. He argues that the election was “stolen” from him.

Instead, he launched a series of lawsuits to contest the results. However, those results have been left unsuccessful. The Trump administration has finally moved forward with the transition of power that is customary. On Monday, Trump tweeted that he will not concede the race.

Could Donald Trump hold an event of his own?

Despite the transition, Trump may not consider attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. Instead, he might explore the option of hosting a competing event of his own. Sources close to the Trump campaign told NBC News that a “preliminary planning” was underway for a January 20 event that could mark the kickoff of a 2024 bid for the presidency. It doesn’t look like Trump will give up anytime soon.

Biden team planning a different presidential inauguration

Joe Biden will take his oath of office in less than 50 days. His team is already working hard to plan the upcoming inauguration. Of course, it’ll be a lot different amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re going to work with Congress to have an inaugural that is safe, that does not put anybody in jeopardy to the extent we can control that, and that is appropriate for the middle of a pandemic,” Anita Dunn, senior adviser for Biden’s transition, told ABC’s Powerhouse Politics podcast on Wednesday.

She revealed that like “the case with our election night” the 2021 inauguration “will not look like a traditional inaugural in all aspects.” On Monday, Biden’s transition team already launched its presidential inaugural committee. The team will be in charge of planning the event. According to Dunn, the team has moved ahead with its plans to enter the White House on January 20.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Trump should attend Biden’s inauguration? Sound off below.

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