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Fans Angry About Botched Miley Cyrus Album Release

Chanel Adams

Fans are not excited by Miley Cyrus’ new album. They can’t buy Plastic Hearts in stores. Her latest effort dropped on Friday, November 27. Fans were hoping to get their hands on it. But the only thing they could do is stream the album online.

The “Midnight Sky” singer revealed that “retailers don’t stock physical albums on Black Friday.” Miley showed support for her fans. She appreciates their support. However, the Thanksgiving holiday made it impossible for them.

Fans express frustration over her new album

Miley Cyrus responded to fans on Twitter who revealed that physical copies aren’t available in stores until December. This could affect the singer’s first-week sales. They claim that her music career could get sabotaged for this decision. Others are blaming her and her record label for the lack of stock.

Just two days after she released her new album, Plastic Hearts, she responded to her fans on Twitter. Most of them remarked that they couldn’t find physical copies in stores. Some of them were informed that they won’t get their hands on the new album until December. Other fans who ordered the album online have to wait longer for their order.

“My Target shipment got delayed for dec 15 … so it doesn’t count for first week sales,” one fan tweeted.

“No stores within 35 minutes of me have any copies & I live in atlanta that’s insane,” a second wrote.

“My fans are everything to me & to know y’all are disappointed when going out to stores/calling/checking stock to be let down I am equally/if not more frustrated,” Miley tweeted.

The Hannah Montana star revealed the reason behind the decision. Retailers never told Miley and her team they don’t normally stock physical album releases on Black Friday. That’s why new albums aren’t available during that time. Her fans won’t receive Plastic Hearts a few weeks after its release.

“The packaging of the record is intimate, honest, and a visual reflection of the sound of my new record that I am so proud of,” Miley continued. “It was created BY ME personally at home making art FOR YOU. I want it in your hands!”

Miley Cyrus doesn’t appreciate fans blaming her for the snafu

The “Prisoner” singer then added that she has since “outgrown blame” and adds that it’s “a waste of time & energy” to get angry over it.

“This album was a labor of love and nothing can sabotage my admiration for the record my collaborators & I have created,” she ended off the lengthy note. She signed it “xxMC” with the skull-and-bones emoji.

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Plastic Hearts is Miley’s seventh studio album. It released at midnight on Friday on streaming services. It includes collaborations with Billy Idol, Dua Lipa, Joan Jett, and Stevie Nicks. It’s the most critically-acclaimed and well-received yet, with a Metascore of 79 based on 10 reviews.

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