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Will Melania Trump Write Tell-All Memoir After Leaving The White House?

Chanel Adams

Melania Trump is reportedly “in discussions about writing a White House memoir.” The shocking part is that her husband Donald Trump is on board with it. This comes after her best friend released a tell-all book about the First Lady. Now, Melania wants to share her side of the story.

Trump is “encouraging” his wife to pursue the opportunity, claims an insider. Melania doesn’t intend to quietly leave the spotlight. She’s “not done, or going as quietly as you might expect,” according to the source. Melania has been holding private meetings about her potential book offer.

President Trump isn’t the only one with a book deal

Melania Trump is holding meetings about penning her own memoir. It’ll be focused on her time in the White House, as per Page Six. Melania is serious about working on the book. She’s so serious that she’s putting her hard-earned money and work into it.

“Melania is in meetings to write her White House memoir,” an insider told the outlet. “And it would be her money – a chance for her to earn on her own.”

Donald Trump is on board with the idea. He’s “encouraging” Melania to go through with the deal. This comes after her former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, betrayed her by releasing her very own print stories and secret tapes. Melania has a feeling that her book “could be worth big money.”

Stephanie was Melania’s former best friend and advisor. She released the scathing book, Melania and Me, back in September. Melania retaliated by blasting Stephanie in an essay published on the White House website. She called her former friend a “dishonest opportunist” who “clung” to Melania for fame.

Stephanie released a series of conversations with Melania. But the First Lady claims the embarrassing recordings “were out of context” and that the book was “idle gossip trying to distort my character.” Amid the controversy, the Justice Department announced they were suing Stephanie for violating the nondisclosure agreement.

Why Melania Trump wants to tell her side of the story

Donald Trump’s wife has received her share of backlash during her time in the Oval Office. Her own book could reveal explanations behind some of her decisions. Back in 2018, Melania Trump wore that infamous “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket. Both of the Trumps are securing their own book deals.

However, this isn’t uncommon once a president leaves the White House. Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have their own books. Barack’s new book, A Promised Land, just dropped earlier this month. Meanwhile, Michelle’s memoir, Becoming, launched back in 2018.

But the book business isn’t just booming for the couple. Sources told Page Six that Mary L. Trump is already shopping around a follow-up to her tell-all, Too Much and Never Enough. Of course, Trump could land his own multimillion-dollar book deal after leaving the White House. So far, Trump hasn’t conceded the 2020 election results.

What are your thoughts on Melania Trump writing her book? Would you read it? Sound off below.

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