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Amy Roloff Gets Huge Pay Day Selling Acres Of Roloff Farms To Matt 

It appears as if LPBW star Amy Roloff recently had a huge pay day as she sold a few acres of Roloff Farms to Matt. What did she sell exactly? How much did she sell it for? Keep reading for all the details.

Amy Roloff makes bank selling 32 acres of land.

The Sun did a little digging into Oregon court records recently. And, it looks like Amy Roloff sold 32 acres of Roloff Farms to her ex-husband a few months ago. According to the publication, this sale took place on August 13, 2020. Matt Roloff purchased the 32 acres of land for a whopping $975,000. The publication reveals Matt Roloff did have to secure a loan in order to complete the sale with Amy. Matt took out a loan for $825,000.

Now, does this mean Amy Roloff is finally finished with Roloff Farms? Unfortunately, we are not really sure. We know Amy Roloff was still listed as secretary of Roloff Farms back in February of this year. We also know she was very actively involved in Pumpkin Season 2020. And, pumpkin season took place AFTER this sale.

That being said, Little People, Big World fans do know Amy Roloff is done with the property. She’s moved off of Roloff Farms. And, she’s ready to move on with her life.

Since I’ve made the decision to move off the farm, it feels very weird and strange to be here and crossing paths with Matt. This is not my home anymore. And I don’t want to come back to this.”

How much is Roloff Farms worth, anyway?

After seeing how much Matt Roloff paid off for 32 acres of land… LPBW fans can’t help but wonder how much the entire property is worth. We know Matt and Amy purchased the property for a mere $185,000 back in 1990. And, today? Well, today it is worth nearly ten times that amount. Distractify affirms it has been over two years since the property was last assessed. $1,675,830 was the estimated value at the time.

It isn’t too surprising that Roloff Farm’s worth would have increased so much. The land was once just 34 acres. And, today? Well, today Roloff Farms stretches over 100 acres of land.

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Amy and Matt Roloff both hope Zach and Jeremy Roloff would consider going into business together and each owning half of the property. Tori, however, has admitted to having some reservations about purchasing some, or all, of the property.

Are you happy to see Amy Roloff separating herself from Roloff Farms? Does the selling price surprise you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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