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’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Dos Santos Likes It But Fans Beg Eric To Stop

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos  Lima seems too wound up in herself to share the spotlight with someone else but it looks like Eric Nichols will go down trying. While Larissa never seemed to have a problem showing skin, it seems she’s happy to show even more lately. After she spent tens of thousands of dollars on body sculpting surgery, she appears very happy to show it off.

90 Day Fiance Larissa Lima’s Boyfriend Takes It Too Far

It’s not known if Larissa’s 90 Day Fiance partner Eric is feeling left out or not but he looks desperate for attention today. Fans can’t seem to look at his latest photo without giving him the same request. “Please keep your clothes on for at least one post.

The photo below where this 90 Day Fiance wanna-be-stud dips his shorts way down. It’s a move that resembles an exotic dancer who attempts to tease the audience holding fists full of dollar bills. Except, in this case, there’s no one around who is waiting to put a buck in his shorts.

90 Day Fiance - Eric Nichols Showing Skin

This latest pose almost looks like a wayward hitchhiker from a comedy movie. The fans of 90 Day Fiance remind Eric he doesn’t have that seductive air about him like Larissa does now that she’s spent over $70 K to fine-tune it all

Larissa gets tons of “Likes” from her 90 Day Fiance followers when she poses while wearing next to nothing. So, it looks as if Eric decided to give it a try. But the fans remind him he is lacking in a few departments. Others let him know that they don’t care to see what he has concealed under those drawers so the teasing is not working.


Eric Nichols Rides On Larissa’s Fame

The 90 Day Fiance rebound boyfriend seems to mimic Larissa in his pics. But the fans remind him he is lacking in a few departments. Others let him know that what he has concealed under those drawers they don’t care to see. So to some, it’s not a tease but a threat that they’ll see too much.

90 Day Fiance Eric Nichols Go-To Pose

Better yet, Eric is reminded that his poses lack any type of form. He hasn’t quite grasped the grace needed to look alluring while showing skin. In other words, fans of the TLC reality series beg him to give it up, as they suggest it’s not a pretty picture.

90 Day Fiance: Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Eric Nichols just moved himself and Larissa to his home town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 90 Day Fiance couple just purchased a home together. Since they landed, he seems to be running around town catching up with family and old acquaintances.

In the photos with these people, he looks so proud of himself. The pics look like a hometown boy comes back after making good. He’s got a popular reality star by his side and he too comes with his 15-minutes of fame.

While the 90 Day Fiance fans suggest Eric go back to headshots only, someone out there seems to like those awkward poses. If you check out his photos, Larissa’s name shows up as the first “Like” on Eric’s pics. So while she may like them, it’s apparent others don’t.

Larissa’s sexy poses get tens of thousands of “Likes”. Eric’s last offering gathers only a little over a thousand. It seems the proof is in the numbers.

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